Beyonce ‘Respects Kim Kardashian For Nude Photo Scandal,’ Similar To ‘Formation’ Black Panther Backlash?

Beyonce is reportedly applauding Kim Kardashian’s recent publicity stunt, which saw the reality star unveil two naked photographs of herself, telling fans that there is nothing wrong with embracing your curves.

The nude photos caused quite the outrage with the likes of Chloe Moretz and Bette Midler making it known via social media that they found the images revolting and very distasteful. But according to Hollywood Life, Beyonce thinks Kim’s move to set such a powerful message is daring, adding that the singer would never knock the hustle of a Kardashian, having supposedly “broken the internet” with the multiple nude shots.

A source for the news outlet claims that Beyonce totally approves of the photos Kim Kardashian posted on her Instagram page, despite having yet to publicly back the reality star in her ongoing feud with dozens of Hollywood stars, who are seeing things completely different.

“Beyonce would never knock Kim’s hustle,” the source claims. “Bey thinks Kim’s crazy talented because she’s a money making machine and has the internet and the media eating out of the palm of her hands. That said, Bey’s not into taking nude selfies. It’s just not her thing.”

The “Drunk in Love” hitmaker, who is currently gearing up for her Formation world tour, would never post a nude photo of herself via a social media site, the source continued, before adding that Beyonce supposedly appreciates Kim’s determination and drive to set a certain message out to the media.

In this particular case, Kim famously defended herself against all of the celebs who had something negative to say about her. The 35-year-old stressed that she didn’t post the naked photos just for the sake of it. Instead, she wanted to make it known that women shouldn’t feel ashamed to show off their body and embrace the features they have, concluding her statement by saying she will not be defined by slut-shaming critics.

While Kardashian’s response to her so-called haters seemed quite harsh, the whole concept seems to have stood well with Beyonce, who is often known to speak her mind on matters that seem rather controversial to talk about. During her Super Bowl halftime performance this year, Beyonce reignited the Black Panther movement, having shown her support for the Black Lives Matter campaign, urging police officer to “stop killing us.”

Beyonce was scrutinized for using the Super Bowl platform to shed light on a matter that solely revolved around gun violence aimed at people of color, who had lost their lives to senseless killings by police officers. The scandal was so big that several states — including Florida — had reportedly backed out of providing security for the singer’s forthcoming tour, having openly expressed how she feels about the brutal murder of African Americans in the United States, which they had condemned as inaccurate and unfair.

Police Outraged At Beyonce’s “Formation”

— Affinity Magazine (@TheAffinityMag) February 25, 2016

Beyonce evidently knows a thing or two about making headlines and receiving backlash, which sources say would better explain why the 34-year-old has oddly drawn to the idea of supporting Kim, calling her courageous and admirable for refusing to back down from a fight that has made many people feel uncomfortable.

Does Beyonce’s point to support Kim in this matter seem genuine and authentic? So far, Amber Rose and a handful of others have sided with Kardashian, stressing that it’s her business what she decides to do with her body while others see things the complete opposite way.

Is Beyonce right in this case?

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