‘Teen Wolf’ Spoilers: What Happened On Season 5 Finale?

Teen Wolf aired its Season 5 finale on March 8, 2016, and the season’s last episode packed in a lot of action. According to TV Line, it was overall a very busy time on Teen Wolf for Scott – played by Tyler Posey – who was helped by the presence of his dead love, Allison. During Scott’s final battle with the Beast, Scott was able to break free after remembering Allison and the strength she gave him.

In a postmortem with Entertainment Weekly, Teen Wolf developer Jeff Davis revealed Allison’s importance.

“We knew that we could have a way for Scott to survive. We tried to really set up in that episode as well that Scott was never going to be able to defeat the Beast by pure strength alone, and it had to be clever. So that’s why Scott had a few tricks up his sleeve.”

For Jeff Davis, Season 5 of Teen Wolf has been about the evolution of Scott as leader of his pack and what it means to be strong both mentally and physically. “This was the season of Scott as an alpha defeating the Beast through brains and not necessarily brawn.”

Luckily, Teen Wolf also ended with Mason – played by Khylin Rahmbo – still alive. Lydia – played by Holland Roden – was able to scream loudly at the perfect time to help chimera Mason remember who he really is. While Mason survived, he went through a lot that next season’s Teen Wolf will surely deal with the after-effects. Jeff Davis confirmed that in his interview.

“That discussion comes up a lot in the room and what we decided a while ago is Mason’s too ‘good’ of a character. He’s such a good person that we find it hard to see him being affected by it. He was basically a pawn. It was like he was sick with the flu and now he’s back 100 percent.”

Also on the season finale of Teen Wolf, Cody Christian’s character Theo was able to reunite with his sister. This was aided by Kira – played by Arden Cho – and the ever-mysterious skinwalkers. For her part, Kira made a brief return to Beacon Hills before rejoining the skinwalkers in the dessert. Kira will remain in the dessert for as long as it takes, which means that the future of Arden Cho on Teen Wolf remains unknown.

Stiles – played by Dylan O’Brien – seems to have found his future career on Teen Wolf as a member of the local law enforcement. While Stiles has been told repeatedly to not get involved with police business, he was finally ushered onto the career path with the sentiment, “Welcome to your future career in law enforcement.”

As for the Dread Doctors, they were defeated along with the reveal that Marcel was The Surgeon. According to Teen Wolf developer Jeff Davis, the Dread Doctors are officially done.

“I think we tied it up pretty nicely. We wanted to say goodnight to that storyline. It was our first attempt at doing a storyline over 20 episodes and it’s hard to do. We are definitely going back to doing 10 episodes as one storyline.”

Malia – played by Shelley Hennig – was able to defeat the Desert Wolf with the help of Braeden, played by Meagan Tandy. At the end of Teen Wolf, Malia seemed to have shrugged off her harrowing escapades as she light-heartedly entered Beacon Hills High School.

Also on Teen Wolf, Hayden – played by Victoria Moroles – was injured, but instead of going to the hospital turned instead to Scott for his healing powers.

Teen Wolf may have finished season five with a range of answers, but has left the fate of the gang open to more trouble, turmoil and danger. Season 6 of Teen Wolf is slated to return in June.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]