‘Fallout 4’ Update 1.4 Expected On PS4, Xbox One By The End Of This Week

After releasing to PC gamers at the end of February, the latest title update for Fallout 4 is finally heading to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The developer announced on Wednesday that they anticipate that Update 1.4 will land on console editions of Fallout 4 later this week, according to the official Twitter account for developer Bethesda Game Studios.

All of the features and bug fixes included with the most recent update for Fallout 4 were first made available to Steam users as part of the beta update program, which gives Bethesda the opportunity to have fans help test out the changes before the content goes live across all platforms. When each beta ends, the patch initially launches on PC before being later deployed to console versions of Fallout 4. This multi-stage process makes it less likely that new issues or bugs will be introduced to the game with each update. It also helps keep Bethesda’s costs down, since each subsequent console patch can end up costing the developer more.

Fallout 4 cartoon
After a brief wait, Update 1.4 is coming to consoles [Image via Bethesda.net]

Title Update 1.4 for Fallout 4 is expected to contain all of the same features that were included as part of the same PC patch for the game. This means that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners will soon receive all of the content and bug fixes that Bethesda originally detailed at the end of last month after the update launched on Steam.

The patch brings solutions to several game bugs that Fallout 4 players might have run into. This includes dozens of fixes regarding quest bugs that had been giving users problems. Additionally, the update corrected a few specific instances where players weren’t properly receiving the benefits from select skills and perks. Users should also notice overall improved game performance as the patch is supposed to improve stability.

Fallout 4 patch
Fallout 4's wasteland now has fewer bugs [Image via Bethesda.net]

Besides simply fixing a series of known issues inside Fallout 4, the newest update also brought a few new items to the game in the form of additional settlement furnishings. The patch allows users to spruce up their various Fallout 4 settlements with new Super Mutant themed decor such as the iconic meat bags that seem to be a disturbing staple of wasteland decoration. The update also adds several new settlement items that are usually found in the many raider encampments of Fallout 4. Thankfully, for those not wanting their settlements to look like they belong to some kind of post-apocalyptic warlord, Update 1.4 also includes some less threatening workshop build items that give players more options for door types and signage.

Fallout 4 settlement signs
Update 1.4 adds lots of new signs to Fallout 4 [Image via Bethesda.net]

As Bethesda continues to work on improving Fallout 4 with the release of free updates, the developer is also currently busy creating DLC for the game. While the first Fallout 4 add-on from the game’s season pass will be releasing soon, Bethesda is also preparing to launch the title official creation kit which will allow PC players to build their own mods. For the first time in the series’ history, console gamers will also be able to download and install the same mods for Fallout 4.

Based on comments that Bethesda has made over the past year, The Inquisitr gave a rundown last week to explain what Xbox One and PlayStation 4 owners should expect from console mods. According to previous statements, the developer hopes to deliver the same mods hosed on the BethesdaNet servers to all platforms. Console players will simply select which mods they want from an in-game menu, and they can then automatically download and install them with a single click.

Do you like that Bethesda tests all Fallout 4 updates on PC before they are released on consoles?

[Image via Bethesda.net]