Zac Efron Promotes ‘Baywatch’ With Good Deed, Makes Girlfriend Sami Miro Proud

Zac Efron is busy filming his upcoming movie Baywatch, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t hang out with his fans! His recent encounter with his superfan was a good chance to promote the new film, as well as an opportunity to show his girlfriend Sami Miro that he is still being kind to his supporters.

The Baywatch actor had a run-in with a super fan named Ahmed, which could have gone disastrously. Instead, the 28-year-old actor turned it into a good promo for his upcoming movie by showing his generosity.

“After spying Zac on the set of the forthcoming Baywatch reboot, Ahmed lost his mind — and his phone — trying to hunt the actor down. Good Guy Zac™ witnessed the tragic turn of events and offered to replace the device following this glorious op,” according to USA Today.

On top of that, the actor invited Ahmed to join him on the set of Baywatch, which continued to exceed the super fan’s expectations of Zac.

After this glorious opportunity with Zac Efron, Ahmed ranted about his experience on social media.

“I never imagine one day that I had meet Zac Efron… Zac is definitely one the most humble celebrity I have ever encounter as well as the rock. Today while running after his car… my phone fell on the ground and shattered complelty. Zac said ‘Dude did you’re phone just break?’ He allowed me to take a video with him, He allowed me to come on set to meet him properly. and also Bought me a brand new phone. Which was $949.99 retail.” Ahmed wrote on Instagram.

Zac Efron also Instagrammed about this experience.

Looks like the movie star used this opportunity well to promote Baywatch and also to be generous towards his fans. This is definitely something that would have made his girlfriend Sami Miro proud!

Zac and Sami have been in a relationship for over three years and they are still going strong! The fact that his girlfriend visits him regularly on film sets have helped strengthen their bond. She has even worked out together with him to prepare for Baywatch!

“Zac Efron heads into the gym for a workout alongside his girlfriend Sami Miro on Tuesday (January 26) in Los Angeles. The 28-year-old actor has been gearing up for his role in Baywatch recently by taking swimming lessons,” according to Just Jared.

Seeing how Sami Miro is a model, these workout sessions with her boyfriend is definitely have killed two birds with one stone. And we all know what they say about couples that work out together – they stay together!

Many say that one reason why Zac Efron has been able to make continued efforts to stay in the movie industry is because of his girlfriend. He has been rumored to frequent rehabs after his High School Musical franchise stint, but since then, he has pulled himself together and has become a mainstay in comic Hollywood movies like We Are Your Friends and Neighbors. He has made that seamless transition into more adult roles!

To show just how grateful he is for her loyalty and compassion, he has been treated his girlfriend to a myriad of fancy trips and activities. Just a few months ago, he took Sami to Japan on a vacation and “shared some cute pictures from abroad,” according to Just Jared.

Kyoto 京都

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Because of these extravagant adventures, many fans are starting to think that they may get engaged soon. While some publications have reported on spotting an engagement ring on her finger, none has been conclusive whether the fans will hear wedding bells in the near future.

Meanwhile, the couple will still have a ball working out, traveling and visiting each other on sets and work places. The fact that they find joy in doing the normal things together means that they appreciate each other’s company and presence. And that’s always a good sign in relationships!

Do you think Zac will bring his girlfriend on the red carpet premiere of Baywatch?

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