DC’s ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ Episode 8 Clip Has A ‘Smallville’ Easter Egg In It, And It’s Good

Fans have been waiting and waiting for something to happen with one of the new comic book shows that will involve Smallville. Rumors of a crossover with The Flash keep swirling around, and so do those dealing with Supergirl. Well, it doesn’t look as if either of those things are happening, but DC’s Legends of Tomorrow just released a clip for Episode 8, and sharp fans may have caught the Smallville Easter Egg that was in it.

The clip released is for Episode 8 titled “Night of the Hawk,” and it’s going to air tomorrow night on March 10 on The CW.

In the episode, the Legends travel back in time to the ’50s as they search for Vandal Savage (Casper Crump). Upon finding him, they learn that he is posing as a doctor and is using an alias at the hospital where he’s working as “Curtis Knox.”

dc's legends of tomorrow night of the hawk smallville easter egg curtis knox
[Image via The CW]

Superhero Hype points out that any fan of Smallville will recognize that name as the villain from the show, and he was played by Dean Cain. Those who remember another show by the name of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman also know that Cain one time played the Man of Steel.

In Smallville, Curtis Knox was actually meant to be Vandal Savage and the show’s creators wanted to call him that, but DC vetoed that idea. So, they went with the name of Curtis Knox and here it has found its way into DC’s Legends of Tomorrow many years later.

The full synopsis for “Night of the Hawk” explains what will go down on tomorrow night’s episode.

“The team tracks Savage (guest star Casper Crump) to a small town in Oregon during the 1950s. Upon arrival, they discover there have been a recent string of murders and they suspect Savage is involved. Professor Stein and Sara go undercover at a psychiatric hospital, where Savage is working as a doctor, to find out his plan. While there, Sara meets a nurse named Lindsay (guest star Ali Liebert) and sparks fly. Meanwhile, Ray and Kendra pretend to be a married couple to gain the neighborhood’s trust, but an interracial couple in the ’50s isn’t something that goes unnoticed. Soon, Savage is at their door.”

When appearing on Smallville, Dean Cain played the immortal doctor known as Curtis Knox, and his area of expertise was curing immortals of their powers. That seems somewhat helpful, but he was actually harvesting the strengthened body parts of the immortals and putting their power into his wife who was dying.

[Image via The CW]

When it all boils down to it, Vandal Savage and Curtis Knox are essentially the exact same person even though they’re from different television series. Savage is who the creators of Smallville wanted, but they had to settle for Knox. Savage is who the creators of Legends of Tomorrow got, and they threw out the Easter Egg of Knox.

Full super circle.

All of the big names and team members will be present in “Night of the Hawk” including Rip Hunter, The ATOM, White Canary, Firestorm, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and others. Obviously, Hawkgirl will be there too because the title of the episode points that out anyway. For anyone that doesn’t know, Hawkman won’t end up being there and you can find out why in episode 2.

As you can see in the clip, Vandal Savage aka Curtis Knox tries to be quite the sweet-talker with the ladies on the floor.

Smallville had a cult following like no other, and it still does to this very day. So many have hoped that Tom Welling would one day make the comeback as Superman and don the cape, but that may never happen. For now, at least, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow give a bit of an Easter Egg to make Smallville fans smile.

[Image via The CW]