Online Dating Advice That Leads To Success And How To Tell When Someone Is Lying On A Profile

Online dating is the new way to find dates as well as meet a potential mate and find love for good. Although those who meet online have a better chance of creating long term relationships that last, online dating has its pitfalls too. Knowing the risks and rewards of online dating can help those looking for dates avoid problems and find great people to meet.

Womens Health reported that one of the most effective pieces of online dating advice for women is to not be afraid to message a man first. Since men may be intimidated or afraid of being rejected, messaging him first can let him know that the woman is interested and break the ice.

This advice doesn’t just apply to men who may have shown interest in a woman who they have already connected with on an online dating site. Even if a man hasn’t seen a woman’s profile yet, sending him a message can lead to an easy connection. Reaching out shows a man that a woman is confident and knows what she wants, something many men find attractive, and it keeps them from being rejected.

Data from OK Cupid showed that women initiating contact got better results and that for a woman to initiate contact first, it’s really good advice for getting dates. For women who initiated the first contact, they were 2.5 times more likely to get a response when they reached out first. The men that women are messaging are more likely to be more attractive than the men who are initiating contact with the women first. Where women missed out is that they were 3.5 times less likely than men to initiate contact, which may be keeping them from finding the man they really want.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, although some may consider online dating dead, it’s not. It’s actually a simple way to meet potential mates. One of the most effective ways to attract someone to the person’s online profile is to include a photo. Profiles with photos are more likely to get responses than profiles that don’t have one. It’s not enough to include a photo though.

Including a quality photo that portrays the real person and being yourself are keys to success when adding a profile photo. The downside is that the more attractive the photo, the less likely a woman is to get messaged, so it’s important to look as natural as possible and play up an individual’s strengths in order to get a lot of responses.

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ATTN reported that the downside of online dating profiles is when the person who created the profile is lying. To avoid connecting with someone who may be deceptive, especially if that person is married, there are certain things to look for to determine if the person behind that online dating profile is lying.

The first thing to look at are the photos on the person’s profile. If the photos are too good to be true, there’s a good possibility the person is lying or at least exaggerating. Some may post older photos or photos when they weighed less. Looking for photos that look dated or aren’t crisp can help a person tell whether or not the person may be exaggerating or lying.

Another way to find out if someone is legitimate is to do a search for social media profiles. If the photos for social media profiles don’t line up with the online dating profile, there’s a good chance the person is lying. It’s also an easy way to get to know a little about a person without engaging first and making the mistake of getting involved with someone who is a liar.

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