NFL Rumors: Colin Kaepernick Leaving San Francisco 49ers For Denver Broncos

NFL rumors have been swirling around Colin Kaepernick because he does not want to remain with the San Francisco 49ers, the team that benched him in favor of Blaine Gabbert. With Brock Osweiler leaving the Denver Broncos to sign with the Houston Texans, an opportunity has opened up for Kaepernick. According to Fox Sports, the Broncos want to acquire Kaepernick as a replacement for Osweiler and the retiring Peyton Manning.

The quarterback situation for the Denver Broncos last season is well documented. In fact, it was one of the most entertaining and intriguing stories in the history of the NFL. The legendary Peyton Manning came down to earth, was replaced by the upcoming Brock Osweiler and made an unlikely return to help the team win the Super Bowl. It was almost as if a fairy tale came to life on the football field.

Houston Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler
Brock Osweiler [Photo by Kevin C Cox/Getty Images]

The story became even more interesting this month. Peyton Manning finally made the decision to walk away from the NFL instead of joining another team for a final run. It was a move that the Denver Broncos were hoping for because they were ready to move on to Brock Osweiler. Unfortunately for the Broncos, Osweiler had other plans. The 6’7″ quarterback opted to leave town and sign a $72 million deal with the Houston Texans instead.

With no viable starting quarterback in tow, the Denver Broncos have no choice but to look around the NFL to see if they can find one. That’s going to be a difficult task because there simply are not enough starter caliber passer around. The upcoming NFL Draft has some interesting choices, but none of them are guaranteed to be good on the next level. Free agency and trades might be the best option for the Broncos.

Peyton Manning [Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]

Officially, Colin Kaepernick is still a member of the San Francisco 49ers organization. Off the record, though, management knows that he wants to be elsewhere. That means that Kaepernick is available via trade. He might also be available via free agency if the team decides that there isn’t an offer that is good enough and cuts their former starting quarterback. Either way, the Denver Broncos will be making some phone calls.

The Denver Broncos could be an appealing opportunity for Colin Kaepernick. The team just came off of a Super Bowl victory, so that means that there is enough talent sitting around to make the NFL Playoffs again next season. Some key players are leaving town, but there should be enough left in the cupboard to intrigue Kaepernick. If anything, the Broncos have more talent than the San Francisco 49ers, a team that has lost an incredible amount of stars in a short period of time.

Blaine Gabbert [Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]

Schematically, the Denver Broncos seem like a wonderful fit for Colin Kaepernick. Defensively, the team should be able to bring back their terrifying pass rushing duo of Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware. That should help out with mistakes that Kaepernick makes on offense. Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak is well known for protecting his quarterback, something that might be appealing to Kaepernick because he won’t be required to carry the offense on his own.

More than anything, Colin Kaepernick wants a change of scenery. He knows that he can still leave a good legacy in the NFL if he were afforded the opportunity to start fresh elsewhere. The San Francisco 49ers are desperately trying to keep Kaepernick around, but they know that it would be best for business if they moved on as well. The Denver Broncos have no choice but to move on because both of their quarterbacks have done so. Kaepernick to the Broncos makes sense for everyone.

[Photo by Michael B Thomas/Getty Images]