April 16, 2017
Sharon Nelson: ID's 'Evil Stepmothers' Takes On Case Of Sexy Seductress Who Wooed Lover, Gary Adams, To Kill Two Husbands

Sharon Nelson and Gary Adams, the deadly lovers who murdered Dr. Perry Nelson and Glen Harrelson in the 1980s, will make the next episode of Investigation Discovery's Evil Stepmothers. The case of Sharon Nelson, a sexy female seductress, has been the subject of several television documentaries. This latest episode of Evil Stepmothers, which goes by the title "Newlydead," will take viewers along as police investigate the murders of two husbands, who fell prey to a black widow. For the murders of Perry Nelson and Glen Harrelson, Sharon Nelson and Gary Adams were sentenced to life in prison in a Colorado correctional facility.


One of the best resources on the case is writer Gregg Olson, who wrote the book B--tch On Wheels, about the trashy sexpot who women loved to hate. By all accounts, Sharon Nelson loved two things -- money and sex. And the guys? They all fell head over heels for her. A woman who loved wearing expensive but sexy clothes, Sharon Nelson always had her eye out for a handsome rich man who could help her maintain her lavish lifestyle. But when the relationship began lacking the luster and passion of before, she'd want them gone, and not just absent from her life, but dead.

In tonight's Evil Stepmothers on Investigation Discovery, the focus will be on her life as a stepmother. It will be interesting to hear how ID develops the story to give us an inside view that we've never read or seen before regarding this case. Most likely, ID Addicts will hear from police investigators, friends, and some of the surviving children of the victims.


Sharon Nelson was married to a pastor in the 1970s, but he became a bore after he started to focus too much on religion. That would all change when Sharon met Dr. Perry Nelson, a wealthy man who was instantly attracted to her. However, that marriage soured after the couple began having financial problems. Meeting Gary Adams, a handsome and strong day laborer, in the 1980s seemed to be just what she needed. They say the sex was so good between Sharon and Gary that he was willing to do anything for her. They both wanted Dr. Perry Nelson out of the picture, and Adams got the chance to kill Nelson during a trip to Denver. His body was found in 1984.

After all of that, you would think that Sharon Nelson would have eventually settled down with Gary Adams, right? Nope. Sharon Nelson married another man named Glen Harrelson, and it didn't take long for Harrelson to know that he'd made the biggest mistake of his life. But he wouldn't be able to get out of it as easily as he thought. Detectives found him dead in his home in 1988.


Sharon Nelson is just one of many women who have been placed under the category of "black widow killers." When searching for statistics on black widow murders, one researcher says that these murders are an unexplored area of research, according to the Internet Journal Of Criminology.

"Black Widow killers murder those close to them, usually those who they have some form of romantic association with, such as a husband or lover, however, they also prey on their own relatives. The type of Black Widow killer focused upon in this research is those who murder for the purpose of financial gain, through using romance to initiate the process.
"The crime of murder itself, committed by Black Widow killers, is extremely serious in that it requires attention. There is no way to fully understand the incidence of Black Widow murders, as it is possible for some to go undetected or possibly ruled as accidental deaths."
The carnage that Sharon Nelson and Gary Adams left behind will be talked about for years to come. To see how Sharon Nelson treated her stepchildren and how investigators unraveled the twisted case, follow along with Evil Stepmothers tonight on ID at 10 p.m.

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