‘World Of Warcraft’ Alpha Updates With New Transmogrification Achievements, Title

Two more specializations, several class changes, and new transmogrification achievements are now live on the Legion alpha test. World of Warcraft fans with access to the alpha can start trying out and testing the new features, and with no non-disclosure agreement, all players can preview what is to come in the game’s sixth expansion.

Frost Mages and Assassination Rogues are now available for testing, leaving just Destruction Warlocks and Brewmaster Monks to be added to the alpha test. Specializations and classes that were previously available to test have undergone more revision, too. In the official forum post for this update to the alpha, World of Warcraft game designers note that all specializations now use a specific global cooldown that can be lowered with haste. Generally, cooldowns of abilities are longer, but now benefit from haste. Core rotation tweaks, new talents, and multi-target tuning are also part of the latest build.

World of Warcraft
An Assassination Rogue in Legion [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

Of course, as interesting as the number crunching can be for many players, some are more interested in World of Warcraft‘s other features. According to websites that data mine the most current Legion alpha updates, new transmogrification achievements are likely to be added to the game. Achievements for collecting a number of each armor type are part of a meta-achievement that unlocks a title for the player. As seen on the WoWDB, players would need to collect 25 head appearances, 25 chest appearances, and so on. After collecting 25 styles for 12 different armor slots, players can use the title “the Fabulous” after their name.

As stated by The Inquisitr previously, the current way transmogrification works requires the player to keep every piece of gear that they might want to use for the appearance. This quickly fills up bags, banks, void storage, or even personal guild space with items players merely keep for the item’s appearance for one character. In Legion, appearances and styles will be collected in the player’s transmogrification UI. Players will no longer need to keep each piece of gear they want to use for transmogrification. Instead, the appearance or style is collected after the item becomes soulbound and the item can be deleted safely.

World of Warcraft
A Night Elf Demon Hunter in Legion [Image via Blizzard Entertainment]

The upcoming and improved transmogrification system in World of Warcraft will also let players hide certain armor slots completely per character and by outfit. For instance, one outfit for a player’s Hunter may not include a helm appearance at all, but one of the player’s Paladin outfits can have the helm appearance visible. The new system lets new items be hidden, too. Players will finally be able to hide the shoulder slot if they so choose. Not to mention, the new transmogrification system will extend to items currently not technically supported by the feature right now. Shirts, tabards, and weapon enchant appearances will be included in the new UI letting players consider those appearances when making outfits as well.

In addition to the transmogrification achievements, the latest alpha build also includes the game’s updated map with the location of Broken Isles included. New artifact weapon models, new creature models, and a plethora of class alterations are in the update. Players interested in specific class changes or new model previews should check out WoWhead‘s post on the build for easily accessed information.

As always, changes and features made during the alpha stage of any game are subject to change. Legion is now scheduled to release until on or before September 21, and that means there is still plenty of time for the expansion to change or take shape. Major class changes and account-wide transmogrification are just two ways World of Warcraft will evolve after Legion launches. The new Demon Hunter hero class, an increased level cap, the new Broken Isles area, a completely revamped PvP progression track, a class order hall for each class, and many other features are coming to the game with Legion. Which feature are you looking forward to the most?

[Image via Blizzard Entertainment]