'General Hospital' Cast News: James Nigbor Reportedly Out As Jake Spencer, Role Being Recast? [Updated]

There is a bit of somewhat shocking news out for fans of General Hospital, as it seems that actor James Nigbor is out as Elizabeth and Jason's son Jake. Nigbor originated the role as a young boy and was brought back to GH last year when the show resurrected the character from the dead. What does the show plan to do with the character now that they have let James go?

The decision to suddenly make Jake alive and write that he had been held by Helena Cassadine for several years was certainly a controversial one, but General Hospital fans did enjoy seeing James Nigbor brought in to reprise the role. Now, however, news comes via the Nigbor's Twitter page that James will no longer be in the role.

After the post went up thanking fans for loving Nigbor throughout the time he played Jake and Elizabeth's, followers asked for clarification. Follow-up responses from James' mother Karolyn indicated that General Hospital had chosen to recast the role of Jake and that James' last air date was February 29. The family shared that they felt blessed to have been a part of GH and loved having had the opportunity.

Nigbor first popped up as Jake Spencer in 2007, sharing the role with his twin brother Edwawrd, and the two continued until 2011 when the character was supposedly killed off. In a big twist last year, Jake was found by Luke and Laura Spencer, having spent several years under Helena's care. In James' return to General Hospital, Jake's personality was significantly shifted and there has been quite a bit of mystery surrounding just what happened to him while he was with Helena.

The last that viewers saw of the character, he was recovering at the hospital after leaving Sam for dead in the basement of Elizabeth's house and subsequently being hit by a car. Elizabeth and Jason are back in Port Charles and handling their day-to-day affairs while their son's recovery continues. Now, it sounds as if the character will be looking quite different when he does pop up again on General Hospital.

Is the show planning to age Jake Spencer? That seems likely, as quite a few fans have pointed out the discrepancy between this character's age compared to some of his Port Charles counterparts. As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, Jake is technically two years older than Josslyn Jax, and that character was quietly aged up recently to become an early teen rather than a young girl.

This news of James Nigbor's dismissal and Jake being recast so soon after Josslyn was aged makes some General Hospital fans worry about some of the other younger characters, such as Emma and Spencer, played by Brooklyn Rae Silzer and Nicolas Bechtel. Silzer is actually set to return to Port Charles to visit Grandma Anna very soon, and all signs point toward the show leaving Emma just as she is for the occasional visit. Bechtel is another fan-favorite actor and viewers would likely be upset to see Spencer aged up, and so far there is no word that the show plans to do that.

Helena's will is set to be read very soon at last and General Hospital spoilers have teased that the Cassadine matriarch orchestrated some twists and turns to play out after her departure. Elizabeth and Laura are both due to be at the reading, and some wonder if some big revelations regarding Jake's time away from his parents may be on the way. Where things are headed with a new actor in the role aren't known yet, but fans will be curious to get more scoop.

General Hospital created a fairly elaborate story with Jake's return, showing him being quite troubled and dark. Despite resolving some of his anger toward Sam after his car accident, there has been enough lead-up to this dark side of the boy that viewers will definitely expect there to be more playing out in the weeks or months ahead. How the decision to let James Nigbor go and recast the character in the midst of this storyline remains to be seen.

As ABC Soaps in Depth details, so far the show has not shared any details confirming the departure of Nigbor or revealing who will take over the role. Some might wonder if Jake will be returning anytime soon, considering that there is a lot of buzz swirling about the future of Elizabeth on the show given issues with Rebecca Herbst's contract negotiations. Nothing definitive about the future of Liz on General Hospital has been revealed as of yet, but it sounds as if there are plans to have Jake back in Port Charles soon, which would seemingly mean that Liz is sticking around as well.

Are you disappointed to hear that the show has decided to recast the role of Jake Spencer and let James Nigbor go? Stay tuned for General Hospital spoilers regarding the change ahead as more information becomes available.

Update: Reports now indicate that a new actor has been tapped to take over the role of Jake Spencer and some might be surprised to see that the character is not being aged as many had speculated would be the case.

[Image via James Nigbor's Twitter page]