Jerry Springer For President? It Could Happen, Says Notorious Talk Show Host

You probably thought it wasn’t possible, but the presidential race could get even weirder. While some have commented that the last GOP debate was reminiscent of an episode of The Jerry Springer Show, it appears the former Cincinnati mayor turned TV host may consider really making the presidential race into an episode of Springer. This is not — I repeat — not satire.

Jerry Springer told Mic he’s open to running for president if enough people express the interest. Brace yourselves for #RecruitJerry.

What many people may not realize is that Springer has been active in politics for a long time, tracing back to his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, where he once weathered a political scandal regarding a bounced check — to a prostitute. After that, he did commentaries at the end of one of the local newscasts, much like he did later on his talk show, but with current topics in politics and the news at the time. It was only after his stint as a political pundit that Jerry Springer went on to host one of the most notorious shows on television for 25 years.

Jerry Springer Nina Turner
Jerry Springer with state Sen. Nina Turner, the Democratic candidate for Ohio's secretary of state. [AP Photo/Tony Dejak]

At the recent GOP debate where an exchange between Republican candidates Marco Rubio and Donald Trump degenerated into penis insults, American voters compared it to the often vulgar and even violent confrontations on The Jerry Springer Show. Springer himself, who now does a political podcast, also noted some similarities.

At first, Springer said the idea of him running for president was “ludicrous,” but when pressed, he buckled and told Mic that if enough people drafted him to run, he might consider throwing his hat into the ring. Of course, he might face some obstacles given he was born in London, England, although he wouldn’t be the first candidate to be born outside the country and then run for president. Any controversy aside, Springer doesn’t see running for president or acting as president as anything like an episode of Springer.

“Running the country is not a crazy television show. It’s supposed to be serious. It’s our country, its our lives. My show is crazy but it’s entertainment.”

Jerry Springer
TV personality Jerry Springer. [(Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images]

In any other election year, that would be obvious, but the Republican side of the presidential primary race this year is bordering on its own version of reality TV. In all seriousness though, the very liberal Springer had plenty to say about the current election and made it clear which side he’s rooting for in the general election.

“The only thing that protects this country from a right wing Congress is a Democratic president.”

Could Springer ever really be a viable candidate? We’ll probably never know, as the chances of Springer actually entering the race are pretty slim. What’s shocking, however, is that there is any chance of it at all. That says much about this current election year, with some very unbecoming behavior during debates and at political rallies. Springer does admit it might be interesting to see him face off against Donald Trump for the presidential election.

“If I ever ran against Trump, there really would be a wall built on the Mexican border. You’d have to build a wall to keep Americans from trying to get out.”

If Jerry Springer chooses to run for president, Mic had a great suggestion for his campaign motto, drawn straight from the closing to his commentary at the end of each show.

“Springer 2016: Take care of yourself, and each other.”

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]