March 9, 2016
Seth Rogen 'Where's Waldo?' Movie Could Supposedly Happen, May Be Time Travel Adventure For Kids

Known "party actor" Seth Rogen could be making a movie out of something that challenged you as a child. It might not be something you'd consider normal, Seth being involved in something which exercises the brain, but the puzzle book series Where's Waldo? could be on his upcoming schedule.

When most of us think of Rogen, we think of "stoner" comedies like Superbad, Knocked Up, and This is the End. Some of his surprises have included Pineapple Express, the voice of Mantis in Kung Fu Panda, and the Apple executive biopic Steve Jobs.


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Apparently, Seth Rogen has his hands in quite a few unusual projects, and could prove himself to be an actor with more talent than critics expect. Teaming up with Evan Goldberg once more, Rogen is already producing AMC's Preacher, attempting to turn the Nintendo and Sega console wars into a movie, and is reportedly working on what may be a remake of Tommy Wisseau's cult classic "worst film ever made," The Room.

In case you're wondering, that was the film with some of the weirdest sex scenes. Doug "Nostalgia Critic" Walker's review pointed out that according to the angles alone, he's humping Lisa's belly button, thigh, and so on. You might also remember those infamous scenes of him and some buddies tossing a football around in tuxedos, or the scene known for the worst delivery ever heard, where he throws a water bottle on the roof top.

Of course it would also be a rather large challenge turning the video game industry of the '80s and '90s into a movie. It was an era which ended shortly after Sega attempted to create an online game console, using Phantasy Star Online as the launching point. Back then, Nintendo had been a marketing juggernaut and Sega relied a bit more on arcade games to keep them going. Sonic the Hedgehog had been considered the ultimate rival to Mario, and unfortunately found himself turned into a media joke when the games started getting worse.

Seth Rogen's Where's Waldo? has proven to be a tricky story to come up with, according to Gizmodo. The idea is that Waldo is traveling through time like he's known to do in children's books. He's accidentally activated the time machine and has to find a way back to the love of his life, Wilma. The script is still being worked on and nothing has been confirmed yet.

It may be one of Seth Rogen's biggest challenges yet, and he may be up against a harsh fan base. The time travel character has been done similarly with the board game Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?, and its computer game adaptations. Originally, the Waldo book gave us pictures of a large crowd of similarly dressed characters, and we were tasked with finding the titular character notorious for his white and red striped winter apparel.

Sadly, Seth Rogen also starred in a movie based on another popular license, and it was considered a box office bomb. Green Hornet was the story of a rich man-child teaming up with a martial arts fighting master to actually commit crimes in order to stop other criminals. This was a rather unusual twist on the classic TV series unofficially starring Bruce Lee.

What do you think? Can Seth Rogen make a Where's Waldo? film which can please the fans and still entertain children?

[Image via Mike Windle / Getty Images for AMC]