‘Gotham’ Season 2: Ben McKenzie Says Season 2 Is Doomed, And B.D Wong Draws Similarities Between Dr. Strange And Jurassic Park’s Dr. Wu[Spoilers]

Gotham Season 2 has taken Batman’s city down an even darker, winding road that Season 1 saw, as it gradually moves forward to its inevitable conclusion of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman in the future. Season 2 has seen Jim Gordon murder, and Batman’s much scarier rogue gallery start coming out of the woodwork in Gotham, to provide some explanation to the darker turn. According to Comicbook, Ben McKenzie, a.k.a. Gotham‘s Jim Gordon, defends his actions in Gotham Season 2.

“Jim’s doing what he has to do. Some of that involves this notion of having a public face and a private reality, which is key to the whole Batman mythos.”

McKenzie’s Jim Gordon has a fractured life at this point in Season 2, keeping Theo Galavan’s murder from Captain Barnes and Lee, which is naturally causing him a great amount of stress. Though, Ben McKenzie says his lies to Captain Barnes and to Lee are not the same, and this makes for quite the “tight rope walk” for Jim Gordon.

Captain Barnes on Gotham season 2
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“It ought to be! It ought to feel as though he’s walking this tight-rope, and the rope is swaying beneath him, so he’s going wherever it’s taking him, and he’s nearly out of control. At some point, you fall, and that’s where we’re heading. Lee, at the end of the day, is his heart, his home. When shit hits the fan there, it’s devastating to him. The professional life – you don’t want to let your boss down, and Harvey’s his bro, he’s always going to be cool, but at home, that’s going to be tough.”

McKenzie stated Gotham Season 2 writers are not looking to get him to the “point where he is irredeemable,” but he does have some more falling to do before they’re through with him. Ben McKenzie called Gotham a “tragedy,” and feel that it makes every “doomed on a certain level.”

“This can’t work out well. It’s a tragedy, so everything is sort of doomed on a certain level, but redemption is around every corner as well, so that’s what we’re clinging to. At the end of the day, the heroes have to get up in the morning and fight off the evil once again.”

Though many villains have arrived in Gotham Season 2, there are still more to come. Dr. Freeze is in the process of his journey, but Dr. Hugo Strange is already starting to terrorize Gotham, and he has already been running the creepy, underground hospital that Gotham fans saw Firebug get dragged off to. Mckenzie says that what Hugo Strange is up to will have a major impact on Gotham’s villains, and the “formation of their identities.”

B.D. Wong, who plays Gotham Season 2’s Dr. Hugo Strange, says that he sees his new role as very similar to another lesser-known doctor that he has played in a well-known film franchise. The comparison might shock Gotham and Jurassic Park fans.

“I think of him a lot in the same way I think of the character I played in Jurassic World. This is a person who’s on the A-list of science. He’s really pushing the envelope of technologies, making things happen that no one else can do. As a result, he’s in a way full of himself, or really unaware and blind to consequences. So my first impression is that he’s amazingly gifted, and secondly that he’s blind to the consequences of what he’s doing.”

Though Wong is not drawing from his Jurassic Park character, Dr. Henry Wu, and he doesn’t exactly look like DC Comics Hugo Strange, he has said that he using every iteration for the inspiration and look. Gotham Season 2 feels like it could easily surpass the first, but there’s a lot more to the Wrath of the Villains to come.

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