March 13, 2016
'Batman V. Superman': Ben Affleck's Batman Feels Guilt Over Death Of Robin [Spoilers Ahead]

In the upcoming Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman mourns the death of Robin, as played out in the comics.

DC Wikia explains the story line behind this very important part of Batman vs. Superman. When Jason Todd was a boy, Batman decided to turn him into Robin after the death of his parents.

As Jason was walking the neighborhood, he meets one of his parent's friends, who ends up giving him family photos, articles and other documents related to his family, which were those of his father. Within the box, he finds his birth certificate and a surprise that changes his life forever. His mother's name had been damaged with water and the only thing left of it was the initial "S," rather than a "C" for the person whom Jason knew as his mother, Catherine.

Jason runs away from home to find his biological mother. Meanwhile, the Joker finds Jason after escaping from Arkham Asylum once again. Jason finds his biological mother, who's name is Sheila Haywood.

Little did Jason know, his mother was blackmailed by the Joker when he talked her into giving him medical supplies and he sold them to the black market. He replaced the medical supplies with laughing gas, managing to kill thousands of people.

Sheila, who was a part of the cover up, gave her son, who was dressed in his Robin suit, to the Joker and Robin was brutally murdered. He left Robin's dead body and his mom, Sheila, in a warehouse with a time bomb. Batman showed up too late to save them.

Batman grieves over death of Robin
[Photo by Chris Burnham/Illustrator for #8 issue of Batman Incorporated Comics]Affleck (Batman) had an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
"He's bitterly disappointed in the past that he's lost this guy who fought by his side. That character's death must have been devastating to him, and he's suffered. We get the sense that he's suffered a lot of devastating losses before this movie even starts."
IGN notes that the Comic Con trailer for Batman vs. Superman somewhat shows the emotions that Batman feels toward the loss of Robin.

What Culture reports more on the comic's devastating moment, what could possibly be revealed in Batman vs. Superman. The death of Robin is another devastating blow to Batman, very similar to the feelings he has after the death of Bruce Wayne's son, Damian Wayne. Another heart wrenching situation for Batman occurs when the Joker paralyzes Batgirl by gunning her down.

Also mentioned on What Culture, although Batman seems to be a one-man warrior, he's worked with many others such as Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, Huntress, and others. It is said that the legend of Batman turned "into a worldwide, crime-fighting industry with a sprawling staff." While Bruce Wayne is left speechless after the death of Robin, Batman is left with nobody to speak with.

Daily Mail states that Grant Morrison, a writer for the comics, talks about Robin's death to the New York Post.

"He saves the world. He does his job as Robin. He dies an absolute hero."
Morrison reveals that the death of Robin is about parents fighting within themselves and forgetting about their children.
"It's all about the family and the family going to he**. The two adults in the story are both culpable. The kid's the good guy."
While the upcoming Batman vs. Superman seems to be tagging right along with the comics, it will be interesting to see the similarities and the differences between the two. The death of Robin is said to take an emotional toll on Batman, more than any other death he has encountered.

Batman v. Superman Dawn
Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill star in 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' set to be in theaters on March 24. [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]Check out the Comic Con trailer for Batman vs. Superman. The film is said to be a sad one. See it in theaters on March 24.

[Photo by Chris Burnham/Illustrator for #8 issue of Batman Incorporated Comics]