‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Will Carol And Maggie Escape Negan’s Saviors?

In the teasers and promos for season 6, episode 13 “The Same Boat,” we see that the upcoming The Walking Dead episode will begin with Maggie and Carol’s capture. The scene explains how the women were captured while they were supposed to be guarding the perimeter of Negan’s compound. It turns out that the newest TWD villain was one step ahead of Rick and the survivors when they came to kill him. Rather than take out the man who has been terrorizing the Hilltop colony, Negan was able to take two of The Walking Dead’s most popular characters, ending Rick’s plans to storm the compound and take out Negan.

We have learned that Carol and Maggie won’t stay captured long though, and once again, The Spoiling Dead Fans have released details about how the women are able to escape their captors and who the real hero is. It turns out that while Rick and the rest of the survivors are trying to figure out a plan to save Maggie and Carol, they are busy saving themselves. TSDF also reported that the Saviors will try to interrogate Maggie but they get absolutely nothing from her.

Apparently, Carol is able to convince the women who captured her that she is very religious and needs a set of rosary beads immediately. Well, The Walking Dead fans know that Carol isn’t exactly religious but she is smart. The wire that holds the rosary beads together will serve as a weapon and Carol has a plan. It is not explained exactly how, but Carol is able to devise a trap for Negan’s people who are guarding them and there are some hints being dropped that one of the Saviors will die by fire. They are even making some BBQ references a la Terminus except we’re pretty sure no one wants to eat a cooked Savior.

There is also talk of a “walker trap” that Maggie and Carol use to turn walkers into weapons against Negan’s men. Both of the women have been around a long time and have a lot of experience with walkers. Manipulating them to attack the enemy definitely sounds like something they might do.

It looks like Carol will be showing even more of her post-apocalyptic genius when she uses cigarettes to finish off what is left of her captors. Spoilers for The Walking Dead have become a lot harder to obtain since the recent crackdown by AMC, but we’re still able to get bits and pieces from the upcoming episode. It sounds like Carol is going to cause an explosion after dropping a cigarette, which kills even more of her captors.

Based on what we can figure out from the spoilers available, it will ultimately be Carol and Maggie who free themselves from the Saviors, although Rick, Glenn, and the rest of the group never give up trying to get them back. After they have won the battle with Negan’s people, Carol and Maggie will meet back up with Rick’s group.

It seems that Maggie has finally realized the same thing as the rest of us, that she needs to stop going into battle and keep her baby safe. Once reunited with Glenn, Maggie vows never to leave his side again. Some have wondered already if this is more foreshadowing about the possibility of Glenn’s death at the hands of Negan.

In the comic books, Glenn’s gruesome death is the main reason Maggie is pushed into a leadership role. We’ve already seen Deanna groom Maggie because she saw something special in her. Then, when Rick’s demeanor became just too gruff for certain negotiations, Maggie has stepped in like she did at the Hilltop colony. Now that Carol and Maggie are safely reunited with the group, what does that mean for the rest of the battle with Negan, whom we still haven’t seen on-screen yet?

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