Harry Styles Dealing With Stress Levels, And Touring Wedding Venues

Harry Styles’ life is and has been changing fast, and change is virtually synonymous with stress. Think of the differences in Harry’s life now and when he was touring with One Direction. As hectic and stressful as that must have been, traveling from city to city, there is a certain sameness that strikes a person who travels the world today.

Harry Styles lived closely with his band mates. He dated Taylor Swift and then Kendall Jenner. All of that was probably a bit stressful, but he adjusted and got used to those kinds of stress levels. He also had a reputation for being a womanizer, having a dock in every port, but what happens now that instead of visiting all those port cities and amazing places around the world, he’s staying in, writing music, and spending a lot of time reflecting on various feelings and emotions, as he looks for new song material?

Harry Styles has been sighted wandering around London, and outwardly doing very little. He’s just relieving the stress. Lately, he’s bought some clothing, some groceries, and a piano. What on earth is he going to do with a piano? Oh wait, that’s right, he is a musician, and he’s been writing songs, so again, there is nothing strange there. Still, it was reported in the Movie News Guide. He also raised a lot of questions when he visited, or more like toured, The Belle Epoque, a wedding venue in Cheshire.

Of course for Harry Styles, stirring rumors is a way of life. Everything he does inspires speculation, and so when he toured the wedding venue, it was reported in Manchester Evening News, because that is just how it is when you are Harry Styles. Somehow, many fans jumped to the conclusion he was going to marry Kendall Jenner. Though there seems to be no truth to this theory about Harry Styles marrying Kendall Jenner, it seems to be a recurring theme among fans. And who knows, maybe the fans do know him best. It is odd that he went to that wedding venue.

Harry Styles by Jason Merrit
Harry Styles (Image by: STRF/STAR MAX/IPx/AP)

From all evidence though, Harry Styles just wants to be alone now, and avoid stress. When he does go out, he is just wondering around, checking out the scenery, meeting people, and looking for inspiration in lovely English places. He’s not trying to contact Kendall Jenner. It seems doubtful that he’d be planning a wedding with that youngest Jenner girl. Of course, Styles could be thinking of Kendall, but then we don’t really know what he is thinking. Perhaps we will find out when he finally starts to sell that album we are all impatiently waiting to hear. Only then will he record for us some of his thoughts and feelings.

Harry Styles
Recording artist Harry Styles of One Direction (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Harry Styles is probably trying to decompress the stress and relieve that itchy feeling of having to be somewhere all the time for so long, only to suddenly be free of commitment. We can’t really know his reasoning, but his behavior has been a bit odd at times. Like the time he flew to London from Los Angeles, presumably for the Brit Awards, and then he didn’t even go to the Brit awards. That was odd, but he did stay in London, so perhaps. It still seems especially odd, though, when coupled with the fact that he went to a Grammy pre-party but then skipped out on the red carpet and the Grammy ceremony. One has to wonder why is he not attending all these award ceremonies, when he makes an effort to be at least near them? That part is strange, but he may have some reason for it.

Harry Styles will be able to decompress his stress as time goes on, but he will be at risk for depression if he follows normal patterns.

[Photo by Jason Merrit/Getty Images]