Heather Clem: Woman At Center Of Hulk Hogan's $100 Million Sex Tape Lawsuit Claims She Was Victim Too

Heather Clem is at the center of Hulk Hogan's $100 million sex tape lawsuit against Gawker, but now the former friend seen on the explicit video said she was a victim of the scheme as well.

Hogan is suing Gawker Media for publishing the video, which was filmed without his knowledge around 2007. In the video, Hogan was seen with Heather Clem, who at the time was married to Hogan's friend and radio host Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.

Hogan said the video was a violation of his privacy, and now Heather Clem is claiming the same. In testimony this week, she said that her former husband filmed the encounter without knowledge, either.

Clem was the center of testimony this week, as Hulk Hogan took the stand to discuss the secretly filmed sex tape. On the stand, Hogan said he had "bottomed out" in his life at the time and "just gave in and let my guard down."

Hogan said he had sex with Heather Clem three or four times, People reported.

"A lot of things were happening at the same time," he said. "I was trying unsuccessfully to get my wife back. She told me verbally over and over, 'You're too old, you're too slow, you don't turn me on. I want to find somebody younger.' "
Hogan said it was his former friend Bubba the Love Sponge who set up the entire encounter. Hogan said he had confided in Bubba about his failing marriage and ultimately arranged the affair with Heather Clem, People reported.

On the night in 2007 he believes the video was taken, the couple answered the door with a "group hug," Hogan testified.

"Then, Heather just started walking toward the bedroom, holding my hand, and I walked with her. It felt really crazy. Bubba walked in behind us and said, 'Okay guys, I'm going to my office. Here's a condom.' "

"It didn't make sense but it just happened. My gut was telling me, 'This is wrong. This is crazy.' Everything was just so surreal."

Heather Clem has also called out Bubba, her now-former husband. In a videotaped deposition, she said that her husband was "manipulative, selfish, intimidating and hurtful" and that she also did not know the sex with Hulk Hogan was being filmed.

Gawker is fighting Hulk Hogan's claim for $100 million, claiming that the wrestling legend has been open about his marriage and sex life in autobiographies and radio interviews, justifying the publishing of the sex tape. Observers say it will be an important test of privacy and the First Amendment, with implications that could stretch far beyond the ruling and a penalty that could decimate the popular media site.

For her part, Heather Clem seems to regret her role in the entire affair. Back in 2012, the Stir reported that she was ashamed to appear on the video.

"Heather is reportedly 'completely devastated' by the video leak. She's embarrassed partly because she considers Hulk 'cheesy,' though on the tape she refers to him as a 'hot commodity.' Does that make Hulk nacho cheese?"

"She's also reportedly embarrassed by all of Hulk's interruptions, what with stopping her in the middle of a sex act to check his cellphone ('Let me see if that's Nick. Hold on.') and later going on about how he feels like a pig because he ate too much earlier."

Heather Clem also lamented that the Hulk Hogan sex tape "makes her look like a piece of meat," the report added.

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