Kate Middleton And Prince William Find No Room At The Inn While Kate’s Hairdresser Reveals Royal Style Secrets [Video]

Even royals like Kate Middleton and Prince William can’t get everything they want. The royal couple tried booking a five-star hotel in France for the centenary of the Battle of the Somme in France, where Kate Middleton and Prince William are scheduled to represent Britain. However, they were turned down since the luxury hotel thought it would be “unethical” to turn away customers who had already paid for their rooms.

Le Hotel Marotte manager Oliver Walti confirmed that the Foreign Ministry contacted the establishment in January on behalf of William and Kate, requesting the hotel “accommodate the Royal Family on the occasion of the Somme commemorations” on June 30, 2016. On that date, thousands of people will descend on the battlefields, including royals like William and Kate, politicians, and relatives of soldiers who died in the 1916 battle.

The celebrations commemorate one of the largest battles fought by the British and French armies during World War I.

Although the hoteliers in Amiens, France, said they welcomed Middleton and her husband to the establishment, they were “already booked solid” for the special date and did not want to cancel existing reservations from patrons “who have booked with us for months and who have already paid for their stay.”

“It’s not because we didn’t want the Royals here – it’s just that we weren’t going to let other customers down,” confessed hotel owner Estelle Walti, who added, “We’ve been booked up for this period for a month, so unfortunately we couldn’t help them.”

The hotel is the only five-star accommodations near the battlefields. Cancelling existing recommendations to accommodate the Kate and William is “just unthinkable ethically,” the establishment concluded. The Le Hotel Marotte bills itself as a luxury five-star “boutique hotel” and has 12 rooms in both traditional and modern buildings. The rooms cost up to £350 (approximately $500 dollars) a night.

According to the Times Of India, the hotel offers accommodations such as 24-hour room service, rose petals in the bedrooms, and warm dressing gowns on demand. In addition to being in the royal demand of Kate Middleton and Prince William, the hotel has also been visited by accommodated two heads of state, as well as celebrities like rock singer Lenny Kravitz.

Kate Middleton’s own hairdresser, Richard Ward, revealed some of the Duchess’s style secrets in an interview with the Daily Mail. Kate’s hair always looks picture-perfect – and her hairdresser has revealed that her latest hair style includes a “gringe.”

Some “people with long hair can hang onto their hair and its length, and they can get to attached to it,” such as Kate Middleton, who did not want to change her hair at first. Adding that “the ‘gringe’—or the grown-out fringe as it was called at the time—is feminine and pretty,” Richard noted that for someone like Kate Middleton, the look “can break up someone’s face.”

“A side-swept gringe,” such as the one Kate Middleton sports, is a good compromise because “it is forgiving and easy to grow out if the woman who has it isn’t a fan.”

For women who want to get Kate Middleton hair, Ward revealed that the secret is with the blow dryer, confessing that Middleton fans are “never going to get rich girl hair without a good blow dry.” The “shiny, frizz-free” hair Middleton sports is an “expensive-looking process” that also “requires time,” and the stylist recommends learning “the basics and invest the time” to get perfect hair like Kate.

Kate Middleton’s hairdresser also said that another common mistake women make when trying to get the look is “us[ing] too much product. It’s all about cocktailing small amounts.”

What do you think? Would you try the “gringe” like Kate Middleton? Leave a comment below!

[Photo by WPA Pool/Getty Images]