‘Eagles’ Randy Meisner’s Wife’s Shooting Death Gets Even Stranger With More Details Revealed

The story surrounding the death of the Eagles’ Randy Meisner’s wife’s, Lana Rae’s, death sounded strange initially, but have actually gotten stranger since the day of her death. Right now, Randy Meisner is in the psych ward, and cowboy spurs are being blamed in Lana Rae Meisner’s shooting death.

According to the Inquisitr, the Los Angeles area police were at the home of former Eagles musician Randy Meisner twice in one day. The first time, they were called by Randy Meisner’s wife, Lana Rae Meisner, who claimed that there was domestic violence going on, and an unstable Randy Meisner was waving a gun and ranting. The police investigated, and left without any arrests. An hour later, the police were called by Randy Meisner, who reported that Lana Rae Meisner had shot herself.

TMZ is breaking the news that oddly enough, cowboy spurs are being blamed in the shooting death of Lana Rae Meisner. Cowboy spurs, in the middle of Los Angeles, inside a home in the middle of a domestic dispute? Yes, according to the report. It seems the spurs were being kept in the same closet as the weapons in Studio City, California, which is not a rural area. Law enforcement now claims that there were two spurs in a case, and when Lana Meisner picked up the case, the spurs fell out, and hit the trigger, discharging the weapon. Um, okay.

Randy Meisner is now being held on a psychiatric hold, and threatening to kill himself in the wake of wife Lana Meisner’s death. As was reported on the day of the shooting, Randy Meisner has a history of psychiatric problems and alcoholism, and is cared for under a conservatorship, which still raises questions over the weapons in the home.

Fox News is raising questions about Randy Meisner, the former Eagle, being in significant psychiatric peril. Meisner, the former Eagles bassist, has been on a psychiatric hold since the shooting on Sunday night. Meisner’s attorney is claiming that family friend, James Newton, who is Meisner’s conservator, is unreachable, which is raising more concern.

During the 72-hour psychiatric hold, Meisner is unable to speak to anyone, or comment on the situation. Randy Meisner has been under a conservatorship for the last year after he threatened gun violence with an AK-47, and time in another psychiatric facility for bipolar disorder and suicidal ideations.

The first 911 call from the Meisner home Sunday reveals that the caller, thought to be Lana Meisner, said that Randy Meisner was making threats with a BB gun, and that he had a history of mental problems. The LAPD has released a statement about the events that led up to Lana Meisner’s death.

“Mrs. Meisner was moving a rifle that was stored inside a case in a closet,” a press release explained. “As she lifted the rifle in the case, another item within the case shifted and hit the trigger of the rifle causing it to fire and fatally injure Mrs. Meisner.”

The New York Daily News is revealing that the LAPD believes that the death of Lana Meisner was truly just a bizarre accident, with an odd chain of events leading to the shooting. The also do not believe that Randy Meisner was even in the room at the time of Lana Meisner’s death.

“Based on the evidence at the scene, it appears to be a complete accident,” a police source told the Daily News.

“No foul play whatsoever. There is nothing indicative that it was a murder at all.”

It is believed that the former Eagle, Randy Meisner, was in another part of the house when the gun discharged. Randy Meisner was not injured in the shooting, but his already fragile mental state declined quickly, and the former Eagle was taken to the hospital for treatment and observation. Meisner’s children and friends are very concerned about him.

“The family is very concerned,” a source closer to the Meisner clan said.

“They don’t know where he is. He relied upon Lana for everything. It’s too early to tell what will happen now.”

Meisner was said to be shocked by the recent death of friend and Eagles bandmate Glenn Frey, who Meisner thought would recover from his illness.

Does the chain of events surrounding the death of Eagles musician Randy Meisner’s wife sound odd to you?

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