'Skinny Mirror' Creator Belinda Jasmine's Husband Berates Her On ‘Today’ Show’s ‘Rossen Reports’ [Video]

The Skinny Mirror is back in the news again. As reported by the Inquisitr, the "Skinny Mirror" creator previously appeared on Shark Tank, amidst controversy. The Skinny Mirror is designed to make those looking into it appear taller and thinner.

Back then ABC reported that the Skinny Mirror created an effect that made viewers look five to 10 pounds less in weight, since mirrors that are two-dimensional and flat tend to put weight onto the folks looking in the non-skinny mirrors. Detractors claim that these claims aren't true.

And yet there is more controversy with the Skinny Mirror, as seen in the following Today video from Jeff Rossen of Rossen Reports.

It's not merely the Skinny Mirror controversy about whether it's okay to make folks appear thinner -- or more rightly, perhaps a more accurate reflection of themselves. Instead, the controversy came into play when Belinda Jasmine was interviewed about some of the backlash for her product.

The Skinny Mirror is being sold to retailers in an effort to help increase sales of their clothing items by 18 percent. Retailers know that the Skinny Mirror does indeed have a positive effect upon the psyche, offering the instant gratification that a "slimmer you" can bring to their customers, which automatically increases their desire to take the clothing home.

However, some consumers say that the Skinny Mirror is deceptive. Buying an outfit or dress or pants because they look great in the store's Skinny Mirror -- but then taking them home and discovering they don't look that great in their home mirrors -- is an unfair tactic, feel some shoppers.

Jasmine asserted to Rossen that her Skinny Mirror wasn't about folks just looking good, but feeling good as well. The Skinny Mirror website says that their mirror works on a person's psyche over time to help them feel better.

"It's not about making people look good, it's about making them feel good. It gives users the instant visual gratification of a 'slimmer you' while educating that how you choose to feel about your body has nothing to do with your actual shape, size or weight."
That's the point of the interview where Belinda got flustered and asked for a break.
"Babe can we take a break?"
The husband of the Skinny Mirror creator popped out, and added a whole new weird dimension to the interview. When Jasmine asked Rossen for a break, her husband said that Belinda had to take a break. Jasmine and her husband went into another room.
"You have to; you have no choice."
After coming out of the room, the Skinny Mirror creator then seem to spout off a line that her husband, the maker of the Skinny Mirror, told Belinda to say.
"Every single mirror is different. If it's not a Skinny Mirror..."
Jasmine tried to explain that many mirrors offer different images, not just the Skinny Mirror. However, Rossen reported that the line of questioning into the Skinny Mirror controversy continued – and so did Belinda's reluctance and her husband's anger. Oddly, Belinda's husband didn't yell at Rossen – at least not on camera – but he seemed to take his anger out on Jasmine.
"Stand up for yourself…You can say GTFO."
Belinda cowered as her husband berated her, ironically telling her to stand up for herself and not answer his questions if she didn't want to answer them – and then Rossen would be without a story, said the man who seemed to need to learn a big lesson about public relations.

Since the husband was also a Skinny Mirror maker, it's not known why he didn't address the controversy directly, instead of yelling at his wife.

According to the Skinny Mirror's website, their product is similar to apps that perform the same functions and allow users to see a slimmer version of themselves.

The Skinny Mirror has a logo denoting that it is indeed a skinny mirror, but it's so small that there was controversy over the size of the logo as well.

"18.2% MORE SALES: Customers exposed to The Skinny Mirror© in the dressing room purchased on average 18.2% more of the items tried on."

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