Kylie Jenner Hides Face In Pictures -- Read Her Plastic Surgery Confessions

Kylie Jenner wasn't really born with that pout -- she got it at the surgeon's. Hollywood Life shows the reality star with a picture of her without the pout, and it must be said that she looked very different. Kylie's recent Instagram posts suggest that she might be shedding that pout to go back to her former self after all.

She posted a pre-surgery picture of herself which showed lips that weren't as plumped-up as now. She had added a bit of her own touch to the picture, which had a pair of lips flying away with wings. Does the picture indicate that Kylie might just be reversing her plastic surgery-enhanced lips?

She captioned the picture, "fly away my friend".

It's not like Kylie is ashamed of her surgery or tries to hide it. She has confessed to plastic surgery and has said that her lips looked "crazy" before her surgeon fixed them for her.

"I still do Juvéderm for my lips," Jenner, 18, told the New York Times. "He's the best, and he's super natural about it. I was going to somebody before, and it was just looking crazy. I would recommend that anyone who gets it done go for a filler that lasts only two to four months. It's annoying to keep going back, but you have the option of stopping it."

Not a lot of people know this, but Kylie prefers lip liners to lipsticks. She says she can do her lips in 10 minutes flat and that her favorite colors are nude, a sepia color, and a true brown.

However, Kylie admits that she doesn't really put on a lot of makeup on a regular basis. She says it just doesn't look attractive on her. Kylie says she loves lashes, lip liner, foundation, and bronzer.

But does the new Instagram picture indicate that we may not see Kylie's plumped-up pucker anymore? Is that the reason she has been posting so many posts that do not show her face in full? It may be so. People has reported that Kylie recently shared a video on her app, where she says she wants to tone it down. She says she thinks it's jut a bit too much to maintain everything.

"I kind of want to tone it down. I feel like 2016, everyone's on the natural wave, at least me and my friend," Jenner said. "I just want to take my nails off, no hair, no makeup. It's too much to maintain sometimes. It's hard being a girl."

Do you think Kylie will really be able to give up her famous lips? After all she's just launched Kylie Lip Kits and they seem to be doing well. It can be argued that it may not really have a favorable effect on her Lip Kits, after all. She revealed that she has temporary lip fillers. She admits she has insecurities related to that.

"I have temporary lip fillers. It's just an insecurity of mine, and it's what I wanted to do," she said in an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians. "I'm just not ready to talk to reporters about my lips yet, because everyone always picks us apart."

Several stars were seen wearing her shades, and they have been selling out pretty fast. Olivia Munn, Lily Aldridge, and Christina Aguilera were seen wearing Kylie's lip colors. Makeup artist Patrick Ta admired the lip kits, style news has reported.

Do you think Kylie Jenner will go back to her original lips? Do you think it will affect the sales of her makeup line? Do comment below.

[Photo By Jason Merritt/Getty Images]