‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Rick Underestimated Negan — Will Abraham, Morgan, And Glenn Follow The Storyline From The Comics?

As The Walking Dead Season 6 gets closer to the finale, many fans are wondering just how close to the comic books the writers will stay over the next few episodes. It’s impossible to follow the original story completely, because certain characters don’t even exist in the comics where others have taken an entirely different path. Season 6 of TWD seems to be where the AMC series has aligned the most with the comics, but that doesn’t mean that the upcoming major character deaths are going to be the same.

In the midseason premiere, The Walking Dead did follow suit with the comic books when Carl jumped in front of his dad to save Rick from Ron’s bullet. Just like in the comics, Carl’s eye was shot out, and he even survived. Unlike the comics, the AMC series did a huge time leap and completely ignored Carl’s recovery and even an appearance from Lori in the form of dreams as Carl recovers.

To further illustrate just how the series can’t completely copy the comic books, Daryl Dixon doesn’t even exist in them. Daryl’s character was made up so that Norman Reedus could have a part because casting directors loved him so much. For those who missed it, Norman was originally reading for the part of Merle, which was played by Michael Rooker. The Daryl character was made up because The Walking Dead knew how perfect he was for the show and wanted both Reedus and Rooker.

It was an ingenious move, with Daryl Dixon quickly becoming one of the most popular characters on The Walking Dead. Now the only problem is, what to do with Daryl? His character arc seems to be over, and he doesn’t even have a crossbow anymore because Dwight stole it, setting up much of the rest of the story.

In the comic books, Dwight uses a crossbow to shoot Abraham in the eye as he chats with Eugene. We’ve seen this scene start to set itself up when Sasha requested a different assignment, leaving Abraham to work with his old friend. Does this mean the end is coming for Abraham? Right now, it’s really looking like Abraham is doomed, and the Inquisitr has pointed that out before. That said, there are rumors that Dwight might shoot Tara instead.

As Forbes pointed out, Morgan has already lived past his comic book death, so his survival in the attack against Negan is uncertain. In the comics, Morgan should have died somewhere during the midseason finale and the midseason premiere. He was bitten by a walker when Alexandria was overrun. Michonne tried to save him by cutting his arm off, but Morgan turned anyway.

Now, Morgan is taking an oppositional role to Rick. He’s also been building a cage, which most think that Negan will end up in. That’s because, in the comics, Negan is captured and imprisoned in a jail cell. The Walking Dead comic book fans have been upset recently because Negan escaped his jail cell. This is something they feel Robert Kirkman lied about because he said at one point that Negan would never get out of that cell and then he did. That makes us wonder just how reliable information coming from Kirkman might be regarding some of the spoilers he has dropped.

Nearly two years ago, Wetpaint reported that the Walking Dead writers were angry with Kirkman for telling fans that Glenn Rhee was killed by Negan in volume 100 of the TWD comics. At that point, Stephen Yeun’s character was still a huge part of the series, and the prospect of his death caused an uproar with Glenn fans.

Nothing has changed, and Glenn’s death has been teased repeatedly since Season 4. There have been numerous references to baseball bats and barbed wire, a tip of the hat to Lucille. That is what Negan calls his barbed wire-wrapped bat that ultimately kills Glenn in front of his closest friends in the comics. Glenn’s death is the most gruesome and shocking death in The Walking Dead, and fans are afraid it might play out on the AMC series too.

Robert Kirkman reportedly spoiled Glenn’s death on the AMC series last year too. According to Undead Walking, last year, when Robert Kirkman, Lauren Cohen, and Josh McDermitt were all guests on Chris Hardwick’s @Midnight, Hardwick asked them all to make up fake spoilers.

During that segment, Kirkman blurted out, “Eventually a character named Negan is introduced and he’s going to bash in Glenn’s brains with a baseball bat called Lucille.”

Well, Negan is coming, and here’s where it gets complicated. Since appearing on that episode, Kirkman has said that someone will die at the hands of Negan when he plays out that iconic comic book scene and bashes in one of Rick’s group with a baseball bat named Lucille. Is it Glenn? That has been debated pretty much since the day Kirkman said it. The segment was about fake spoilers, not real ones, but it’s also the second time that the TWD executive producer would drop the spoiler about Glenn’s death.

In Terminus, Glenn was next up to get hit with a bat before Rick and company escaped without losing anyone. There have been TWD promo pictures featuring Glenn and a baseball bat. Glenn’s death has been talked about so openly for nearly two years now that there is an argument to be made that The Walking Dead might go another direction. We know Negan will kill someone with Lucille, but at this point, it’s still very questionable that Glenn will be the one. Don’t be too surprised if someone else is given Glenn’s gruesome death instead. The fact that Kirkman has been so open about Negan killing Glenn makes fans wonder if he’s throwing them off the trail and someone else will die in his place.

Now we know that Morgan, Abraham, and Glenn all died around this time or just before it in the comic books. We also know that based on things that Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan have said about their reaction to the finale, there will be death. Both have said that the finale was so upsetting that it was hard to film. Lincoln said he was late to work that day because he had trouble sleeping the night before while Cohan confessed that she felt sick during the filming of the finale. We know that someone is getting killed by Negan, and it’s pretty clear that Dwight will shoot someone with Daryl’s bow, but now it’s a mystery whether or not the AMC series plans to follow the entire story set out in the Walking Dead comic books.

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