Spider-Dad: Superhero Dad Takes Son To Trampoline Park [Video]

YouTube user teachusmore, also known as Houston, Texas resident Daniel Garcia, officially wins the title of Best Dad after he dressed up in a spider-man suit and took his kid to a trampoline park.

The Huffington Post reports that Spider-dad surprised his son, Oliver, with his very own spider-man suit, and then took him on an adventure to Sky High Sports.

Daniel Garcia writes of the video that:

“There’s a scene in an Adam Sandler’s movie, ‘Big Daddy,’ where Adam dresses up as Scuba Steve, an action-hero, in order to creatively make the boy he’s caring for do things. Ever since I watched that scene, I’ve wanted to do the same as a father.”

In Sandler’s movie, Big Daddy, uses “Scuba Steve” to get his adopted boy to take a bath, among other things. The International Business Times notes that YouTube user teachusmore went on to write:

“We played with his toys and jumped around. I also made him the promise of going to a trampoline park if he behaved well. On July 25, 2012, I followed through on my promise and took Oliver to the trampoline park as Spider-man. Just like in the move ‘Big Daddy,’ I’m using the disguise of a super hero to get him to do things and make him happy at the same time. I highly recommend parents to do this.”


And considering that the YouTube video, which was just posted on July 25th, already has more than 127,000 likes (and only 8 dislikes–haters!), other dad’s may be taking his suggestions to heart. Uproxx writer ROBOPANDA seems to agree, writing that:

“We also highly recommend parents don superhero disguises and go on adventures with their kids. Not only is it fun, but in about ten or fifteen years that kid is going to be telling all their friends about how they used to hang out with Spider-Man when they were little, and then it will dawn on them that it was their parents the whole time. Then they’ll get their first existential crisis out of the way early while having some awesome stories to tell. Plus, you as a parent get to jump on trampolines in a Spider-Man suit. Everybody wins.”

Do you think that Spider-Dad is the best dad ever? Will you be planning an adventure with your child (or even a friend’s child — with their permission of course!), while dressed in a superhero costume?

Check out YouTube user teachusmore’s video below, as well as the scene from Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy: