December 25, 2017
T-Rex Fossil Skull 'Discovered' On Mars Proves Earth-Life Originated On Mars, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Photos]

The bizarre announcement by a UFO blogger that he has found the fossilized skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex-type dinosaur in an image of the Martian surface snapped by NASA's Curiosity rover has revived the debate among members of the UFO community about a popular conspiracy theory that life on Earth originated on Mars, and that humans are descendants of ancient Martians.

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring announced the "discovery" of the fossilized skull of a T. Rex-type dinosaur in a February 11, 2016, blog post. He made the "discovery" in a series of images reportedly taken by Curiosity rover early in February, 2016.

NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars three years ago, on August 6, 2012. Since then, the Mars rover has explored the Gale Crater and Mount Sharp -- which forms the Gale Crater's central peak -- to determine whether conditions in the area could have supported life in the past.

fossilized dinosaur skull on Mars?
Is this is a fossilized dinosaur skull on Mars? [Image via NASA/JPL]

Since it landed on Mars, Curiosity rover has sent back to Earth hundreds of photos of the Martian environment. UFO and alien hunters claim that the photos contain evidence of ancient life and advanced civilizations on Mars.

Announcing the latest bizarre "discovery" of evidence of life on Mars to members of the UFO community, Waring wrote, "I found a skull of a dinosaur-like creature. It really looks like the fossil of an actual life form from long ago."

"The skull looks similar to dinosaur fossils found here on Earth," he added.

Is this a dinosaur skull on Mars?
Fossilized dinosaur skull found on Mars, UFO blogger claims [Image via NASA/JPL]

UFO enthusiasts were unanimous that the discovery is yet another piece of evidence that dinosaurs similar to Earth's ancient dinosaurs once roamed on Mars, and that Mars teemed with higher biological life forms millions of years before life emerged on Earth. According to conspiracy theorists, NASA is covering up evidence that life on Earth originated on Mars, and that humans are descendants of a humanoid race that came from Mars.

Waring accused NASA of trying to conceal the latest stunning evidence of ancient life on Mars by uploading tiny images to its website that obscure the undeniable evidence of the fossilized skull of a T. rex-like dinosaur on Mars.

"NASA really made these photos small, only 45kb so I enlarged them to 535kb and kept its quality," he said.

The original copies of the images uploaded to NASA's JPL website may be viewed here, here and here. As Waring notes, each image gives a view of the alleged fossilized skull from a different perspective, but you will have to enlarge the images to see it clearly.

Is this a dinosaur skull on Mars?
This is an ancient dinosaur skull on Mars, UFO conspiracy theorists claim [Image via NASA/JPL]

A UFO enthusiast, Dennis Ball, took a second look at the images and announced discovery of two other fossilized dinosaur skulls. The profusion of dinosaur skulls on that patch of Martian soil suggests a dinosaur mass grave, according to some anomaly hunters.

"There is another dinosaur head just to the right," Ball wrote. "Another one also facing downwards at about the 11.00 o'clock range to the original Dinosaur."

He also claimed to detect an art engraving on a piece of rock in the same image. This suggests that Martian humanoids – our ancestors, according to conspiracy theorists -- also visited the site in the Martian past.

"Just to the right and up a bit from this there appears to be an etching on the rock of a human type in black with a spear in their hand," he wrote.

Such "evidence" of ancient life on Mars supposedly supports a theory proposed by U.S. physicist John Brandenburg, that long before advanced life forms emerged on Earth, Mars hosted advanced humanoid civilizations. But the ancient civilizations were wiped out in a series of thermonuclear bomb explosions caused by an alien race hostile to young "noisy" civilizations.

A related theory that is popular among members of the UFO community is that life on Earth originated on Mars. The theory that we are descendants of Martians gained popularity in the UFO community following claims that remains of higher life forms discovered in NASA images of the Martian surface were remarkably similar to Earth life forms.

Results of a recent poll conducted by Waring showed that the belief that humans are descendants of Martians is popular among members of the online UFO community.

Waring expressed surprise at the results of his poll.

"I am surprised that so many readers [of UFO Sightings Daily blog] believe we are descendants of Martians but if the species that lived there was intelligent and able to leave the place then that would have been a very high probability."
Mainstream research scientists have also proposed the theory that life on Earth originated on Mars.

According to a controversial theory first proposed in August, 2013, by a top U.S. researcher, Steven Benner, life on Earth may have originated on Mars and we really are descendants of ancient Martians.

Life first arose on Mars and was transplanted to Earth through rock fragments blasted from the surface of Mars into space during massive asteroid impacts billions of years ago. The rocks bearing microbial forms of ancient Martian life reached Earth as meteors. The simple Martian life forms proliferated on Earth due to favorable conditions and over billions of years evolved into Earth's diverse life forms, including humans.

According to Benner, "The evidence seems to be building that we are actually all Martians; that life started on Mars and came to Earth on a rock."

Proponents of this theory and the related theory of panspermia point to the fact that about 120 meteorites of Martian origin have been found on Earth.

Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, also said in August, 2015, that ancient living organisms may have arrived on Earth from Mars.

"It's possible that billions of years ago, tiny bits of biology quit the Red Planet and infected ours," he said.

UFO conspiracy theorists extend the theory that life on Earth came from Mars through the so-called "Ancient Astronaut Theory," which claims that ancient Martian civilizations influenced early human civilizations such as Sumer, ancient Egypt, and Babylonia. The evidence, according to Ancient Astronaut theorists, comes from the remarkable similarity between remains of ancient Earth civilizations and remains of ancient Mars civilizations.

Theorists suggest that the first humans came in UFOs from Mars and transplanted Martian culture and civilization to Earth.

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