Would Kim Fields Ever Work With Kenya Moore?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Fields may have joined the show because she thought it would be a great time. Kim wanted to film something new and exciting, and she may have thought she could have made some new friends on the show. But Fields quickly learned that making friends wasn’t so easy. In fact, it didn’t take long for Kenya Moore to start slamming Fields. And on during Sunday’s episode, Kim revealed that she doesn’t feel that she’s a good working fit for Moore. So, how is she feeling these days?

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Fields is now revealing how she feels about working with Cynthia Bailey. As it turns out, she’s actually had a lot of fun working with Bailey, because the client was happy with the final product.

“Absolutely, because the client was pleased. Cynthia and her team are taking their brand and product to another level; my team and I are blessed to be a part of that process. Personally speaking, I really do like the ‘mercial! It’s hot, fun, and everyone is great in it,” Kim Fields reveals of the commercial that she created for Bailey. But while things worked out really great with Cynthia, would Fields ever work with Kenya again? The answer may surprise you.

“To say no would limit myself, my industry, and honestly, my faith. Life can be unpredictable, why live it with boundaries or parameters established by negative interaction? Why not be open to whatever comes your way knowing you have the ability to stay strong in your character? We all have negative encounters; finding it within ourselves to forgive, release, and move on keeps us open to any opportunity, including the opportunity to have a different encounter with others, when perhaps it’s been a train wreck in the past,” Kim Fields reveals in her blog, hinting that she will be open to working with Kenya in the future.

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But Moore may not want to work with Fields given how things unfolded this season. While she has apologized for the way she handled the entire situation in Jamaica, one can imagine that she doesn’t want to work with Fields. They are both producers, so they are essentially competitors. And it is very possible that she has already moved on, despite Kim Fields’ possibly open door to work together. But it won’t happen soon, as Fields is one busy woman. She recently revealed that she will be competing on Dancing With The Stars and she will be representing the entire Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise, even though she isn’t the first housewife on the show.

“Currently working on my autobiography. We also have another star-studded ‘Holiday Love’ special in the works as well as several scripted comedies and dramas. I’m working with my sister Alexis on a new drama, ‘Waters’ Edge.’ (She’s such a wonderful actress, can’t wait!). Kixx & Giggles is moving along nicely (woohoo!). Working on a couple more fun, exciting, and challenging projects in the ‘K-Lab,’ stay tuned…,” Kim Fields reveals in her Bravo blog.

It is very possible that Moore would have loved the opportunity to be on Dancing With The Stars, but she has been labeled the villain on the show because she speaks her mind. Plus, Fields has a long history in Hollywood and she will remember some of her former co-stars during her time on Dancing With The Stars.

What do you think of Kim Fields possibly working with Kenya Moore again? Do you think this could be a mistake on her part, if she opens herself up to the co-star that helped spread the gay rumors about her husband?

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