Eileen Davidson On Bombshell: ‘Conversation Was A Game Changer’

Eileen Davidson missed quite a few things on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, including Erika Girardi’s dinner party. Eileen had plenty of work obligations, and it sounds like she enjoyed running down the hallways with burning buildings behind her and doing stunts. And while she seemed very eager to share her feelings with Lisa Rinna, her Real Housewives co-star clearly had plenty of things on her mind.

According to a new Bravo report, Eileen Davidson is now revealing that she was surprised that Rinna had so much on her mind. Davidson was shocked that she had to deal with two bombshells — two bombshells that were so big that she calls them a “game changer.”

“There were a lot of other things that happened in this episode, but I have to talk about the conversation on the beach between Lisa R. and me. That conversation was a game changer,” Eileen Davidson reveals of her conversation with Rinna.

It was clear that Eileen wasn’t eager to engage in the conversation, and she clearly didn’t agree with everything that was being said.

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“Rinna. dropped a bombshell about the origins of the Munchausen comment. But, since Rinna confessed that Lisa V. had prompted her to mention it, I have to confess something, too: I already knew that. Lisa R. had told me of past instances where she had felt pressured from Lisa V. to say or do something,” Eileen explains on her Bravo blog, adding, “What I wasn’t prepared for was all the other stuff. I didn’t know the words ‘faking it’ were being thrown about. I didn’t know that Rinna wouldn’t have said the ‘M’ word if she had not been encouraged by Lisa V.”

But Rinna’s conversation about Vanderpump wasn’t the only bombshell that shocked Eileen Davidson. In fact, Davidson started feeling very uncomfortable when her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-star started talking about Yolanda Foster. Of course, ever since the Munchausen conversation, the ladies are not exactly thrilled to discuss Foster behind her back, especially when it comes to discussing her Lyme disease.

“Then, Bombshell #2: Rinna’s strong feelings about Yolanda. They had just worked out their issues about the Munchausen’s (well at least it appeared that way to me), and then Lisa R. confessed she might think that Yolanda has a lot emotionally going on that is not being dealt with,” Davidson reveals, adding that she doesn’t see the same thing as Rinna.

And this is where Eileen felt really uncomfortable, because she doesn’t agree with everything that was said. Davidson doesn’t see Yolanda’s illness as a tool. She doesn’t agree that Foster is using the Lyme disease as a sympathy tool.


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“I must say, I don’t see Yolanda in the same light as Lisa R. does, but she feels strongly about her convictions. She clearly believes what she’s saying. Lisa R. is not mean, and would never say these things lightly, which leaves me a bit perplexed about the whole thing,” Eileen Davidson reveals.

While Davidson can’t agree on the Yolanda issue, she does have some feelings about Lisa Vanderpump. Eileen has admitted that it is tough to be friends with Vanderpump. According to Reality Tea, Eileen Davidson has said that being friends with Vanderpump is like being in a hostage situation, and it sounds like she would prefer to keep her distance from her Real Housewives co-star. One can imagine that the reunion special will be interesting to watch.

What do you think of Eileen Davidson’s thoughts about the conversation? Are you surprised that she’s engaging in this conversation even though she doesn’t agree on the Yolanda issue?

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