Kim Kardashian ‘Depressed Over Baby Weight Gain,’ Kanye West Marital Problems & Divorce Adding To Stress?

Kim Kardashian is reportedly struggling with her baby weight, having given birth to her baby boy, Saint West, just three months ago.

Despite being reassured by family and friends time and time again that she’s in great shape, Kim doesn’t buy into it, stressing that she was much skinnier three months after giving birth to her firstborn, North.

Things have gotten so bad that Kim is said to be facing early signs of depression because of it, sources reveal. It is no secret that Kardashian has been sporting a lot of black outfits as of late, which is said to have been down to the supposed fact that Kim is so unhappy with her body, she wouldn’t dare let photographers snap a photo of herself looking anything but her usual self.

“She’s in really bad shape and sometimes has to be dragged out of bed,” Radar Online‘s sources are quoted saying. “She’ll burst into tears over nothing and then lash out and storm off to her bedroom, where she’ll stay for hours.”

Kim Kardashian is overwhelmed by the pressure of losing the weight, an insider goes on to continue. Despite the fact that she was much heavier during her last pregnancy, she felt it was much easier to drop the pounds because it was less hassle with one child.

But now that little Saint has arrived, Kim is really said to be struggling to juggle motherhood and her career all while putting up with her husband’s endless rants and wild antics.

With recent reports claiming that the 35-year-old socialite was no longer happy in her marriage to Kanye West — following a handful of scandals in February — it is presumed that the stress her rapper husband is putting on her has definitely had an effect on her weight struggle, too.

Several insiders gushed about the couple’s recent arguments and feuds, claiming that Kim Kardashian was tired of the drama in her marriage, as the Daily Mail revealed that construction on the couple’s home in Hidden Hills had been halted indefinitely.

Kim prefers living with her mother, Kris Jenner, because the momager is said to be the only person who manages to calm Kanye down when he goes off on yet another rant, which Kim hasn’t tended to adapt well to.

Jenner reportedly believes that Kardashian is showing signs that she may be heading for a deep depression, not just over her marital problems, but also over her determination to lose the baby weight as fast as possible.

Kim in allegedly so embarrassed with the weight she gained during the pregnancy, she makes sure to only ever wear black whenever she leaves her home in fear of being mocked by photographers.

She is still working out with a personal trainer, insiders affirm, adding that Kim Kardashian will eventually drop down to her desired size, but for her to think that she can jump back to her old physique within just three months is rather ludicrous, especially for women who have given birth before.

Kim has yet to respond to claims she is having a meltdown over her weight gain and marital problems. Should she be putting so much pressure on herself to lose the weight she gained during her second pregnancy?

[Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]