Jax Taylor Married? ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Girls Say He Will Tie The Knot With Brittany Cartwright

Jax Taylor may have finally found “the one.” But is he ready to put a ring on it? The controversial Vanderpump Rules star could be headed down the aisle with current girlfriend Brittany Cartwright. During an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Taylor’s female co-stars dished that he is smitten with his new lady love.


Katie Maloney, Scheana Shay, Kristen Doute, and even Jax’s ex-girlfriend Stassi Shroeder all agreed that things are serious between Taylor and Cartwright. After WWHL host Andy Cohen asked the foursome if they think Jax and Brittany will get married one day, they all responded “Yes!” The recently engaged Maloney seemed the most sure that a wedding could happen for Jax.

“It’s still new, but I think they’re definitely headed that way.”

While Andy Cohen marveled over the fact that everyone responded “yes” when he asked them if Jax might marry Brittany, Stassi slowed things down to make it clear that they’re all just hopeful because they like Brit so much.

“Honestly, it’s not about him, it’s about the fact that everybody really likes Brittany.”

Scheana Shay even dished that they all love Jax’s girlfriend so much, that even if they ever do break up, she will be a permanent member of their inner circle.

“We love Brittany. If they ever break up we’re keeping her and getting rid of Jax.”

Indeed, Jax Taylor has had a steady stream of girlfriends since fans first met him on the Bravo reality show (sometimes more than one at a time!), but he seems to have finally found his match with Cartwright. Aside from an ill-timed tattoo to tout his love for Stassi, never before has Taylor been so open about his feelings for one of his girlfriends. In fact, he’s shouting his love for Brittany from the mountaintops — or at least from the moon.

Jax Taylor has already said that Cartwright is marriage material. Last month, Jax told E! News that marriage to Brittany is “definitely in the cards.” Still, the model and SUR bartender made it clear that he’s not in a rush to say “I do” anytime soon.

“Yes, in time. Pump the breaks a little bit. Tom [Schwartz] and Katie [Maloney] still have to get married. Let’s get that out of the way first, and then we’ll discuss us…It’s definitely in the cards, just we have one wedding to get through first.”

Jax went on to admit that he has some growing up to do before he settles down. The 36-year-old reality star, who has been seen in numerous bar fights and was busted for swiping sunglasses in Hawaii last year, said he needs to cut back on the cocktails and learn to “say no sometimes.” In the E! News interview, Taylor’s loyal lady agreed that she wants to marry him, just not right now.


While Jax and Brittany’s relationship has hit a few road bumps — a recent episode of Vanderpump Rules showed the couple disagreeing about marriage and kids and Jax even admitted he’s not sure if marriage is right for him — the Kentucky-born beauty assured fans that there is no trouble in paradise.

Some fans may doubt if Jax Taylor is cut out for marriage. Taylor has admitted that he has trouble staying faithful, and he doesn’t like having to answer to anyone. If this wedding ever does happen, expect Bravo’s cameras to be on the guest list.

Check out the video below to see the Vanderpump Rules cast talking about Jax Taylor getting married.

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]