Gwen Stefani & Christina Aguilera Plan ‘Girl Power’ Anthem: Nanny Who Cheated With Gavin Rossdale Is Pregnant?

Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani feel that what the world needs now is girl power. With that goal in mind, Christina is using the lessons she acquired by teaming up with Adam Levine in 2011 to record “Moves Like Jagger” to create another memorable duet, according to Hollywood Life.

As for all those rumors of problems and even a feud between Aguilera and Gwen? No evidence there, because the two seem more like BFFs with their “love” for the concept of creating a girl power anthem.

“Christina knows that teaming up with someone on The Voice to make a hit song definitely works and she wants to see if lightning strikes again by collaborating with Gwen on a song all about girl power. They are throwing ideas out at each other and would love to start recording something and get something out for this season of the show,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Gwen Stefani is working on a "girl power" anthem?
Gwen Stefani is working on a "girl power" anthem? [Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

As for any possibility that Aguilera could find herself competing against Team Gwen on a future season that had both singers as coaches? The creator of the popular reality singing competition explained why that won’t happen.

“Just so you know it is just the way it works out,” clarified Mark Burnett regarding choosing the coaches for each season. “There is nothing behind it, I want to be authentic with my answer and there is nothing behind it. It just works out that way.”

But an insider told Hollywood Life that Stefani is so enthusiastic about the girl power principle that she really wants to join Aguilera and have two female coaches.

“Gwen thinks there should be at least two female coaches on The Voice. She’s always thought that and would be thrilled to be a coach on the show alongside Christina. She has no problem with her at all and thinks the show would benefit from having more female energy.”

As for whether Aguilera likes the idea as well isn’t known. However, the show’s creator did hint that his staff has discussed the concept.

“Absolutely we discuss all the time, we don’t care if on The Voice there were three women and one guy or whatever order. It is just the way it works out every year,” he added.

While Christina and Gwen work on that “girl power” anthem, reports are swirling around Mindy Mann, the nanny whose alleged affair with Gavin Rossdale ended Stefani’s marriage. And according to those reports, Mann is pregnant, revealed the Daily Mail.

The name of the baby daddy is not known. Mindy is currently linked to snowboard teacher Spencer Gutcheon but remains in touch with Gavin. The pregnancy reports began when Mann flaunted her baby bump in a photo on her sister’s Facebook page.

However, it is known that Mindy works at a nursery in Los Angeles, and Rossdale’s Range Rover was spotted there. In addition, Mann and Gavin lunched together recently.

In 2008, Mindy began her employment as a nanny for Rossdale and Stefani, caring for their sons. Gavin allegedly had a secret affair with Mann that Gwen discovered only when another nanny uncovered nude pictures and sexy messages on the family’s iPad.

Stefani then went through a painful divorce with Rossdale but soon found happiness in her current romance with Blake Shelton, as the Inquisitr reported.

Gwen Stefani is more interested in contemplating Blake Shelton than the nanny who ended her marriage.
Gwen Stefani is more interested in contemplating Blake Shelton than the nanny who ended her marriage. [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

And although Blake enjoyed canoodling with Gwen last season on The Voice, he’s found a new pal in Christina Aguilera, an insider revealed to Hollywood Life.

“Blake’s drinking partner on The Voice set has returned in Christina and they are creating a real festive atmosphere on set,” shared the insider. “Blake loves having Christina around, they have good chemistry together on and off camera.”

But Aguilera and Shelton are just having fun, and there’s no danger to the romance blossoming between Blake and Gwen, added the insider.

“Christina Aguilera loves to party. All the judges are friends and it’s like a big family party. In seasons past, Christina was nearly always getting wild during tapings and things haven’t changed. That is not water in those cups on their chairs.”

While her boyfriend is partying with Aguilera, is Gwen sitting home alone stressing about Mindy and the rumors that her ex-husband might become the daddy of the nanny’s baby? Stefani doesn’t care, a source told Hollywood Life.

“She is in a new relationship and getting over her past relationship [and] focusing on career goals,” pointed out the insider. “The last thing on her mind is Mindy.”

Moreover, a representative for Rossdale revealed that the baby “is not Gavin’s.”

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