A&E’s ’60 Days In’ Gets Renewed For Season 2 Ahead Of Its Season 1 Premiere

60 Days In is the newest reality TV series from A&E, but unlike other reality shows, this doesn’t involve falling in love in front of cameras or surviving the great outdoors. Just as the name suggests, 60 Days In involves participants spending 60 days in jail. The catch: they are not criminals; they are innocent civilians.

The first season of 60 Days In has seven civilians, four men and three women, thrown into the Clark County Jail in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The reality show’s concept is by Sheriff Jamey Noel, whose main goal with the show is to send the seven people undercover to expose corruption in the system and learn how prison conditions can be improved.

No one knows the seven new inmates are working undercover, not even the prison guards in the jail. But why would these seven people volunteer to be locked up? They have different reasons.

One of the participants is Maryum, Muhammad Ali’s daughter, who is a social worker specializing in gang prevention. In an interview with NY Post, Maryum said that she wanted to be involved in 60 Days In, because she “wanted to be more informed of all the traps in the system and how the system works.” She added, “It’s a bigger system that they really don’t want to be caught up in.”

Another participant, Tami, is a police officer herself and decided to be part of the show in order to know what life is like after she puts offenders behind bars. She is curious to know if the crimes inmates committed fit their punishment.

Robert is a teacher who voluntarily entered jail because he wants to show his students the consequences of their actions and what’s it’s like to live behind bars.

Barbra, a mother of two and an army wife, believes that inmates have it easy, eating three times a day and having a place to sleep. Her goal is to inspire women in prison to pull their weight and have mandatory jobs inside.

Jeff, who does security work, is aiming to rise up the ranks and be a CO. For him, his experience in 60 Days In could be a good addition to his resume when applying for his next job.

The next participant is Isaiah, who has a brother behind bars. He wants to take the opportunity to live life just like his brother, whom he speaks to daily, in order to gain the experience to mentor juveniles who are heading down the wrong path in life.

The last inmate, Zac, wants to be a law enforcement officer and wants the experience to be an education in pursuing his career as a cop.

According to reports, more than 300 cameras are placed inside the jail to record the actions of the participants. Now, that would be a sign that something different is going on, so the producers of the show will be posing as filmmakers who are making a documentary about inmates who are incarcerated for the first time. To make it more convincing, the seven participants are given fictional criminal backgrounds.

Season 1 of 60 Days In has not even been aired, and already, it has been renewed for a second season, reported Deadline. Two days prior to the March 10 premiere, A&E announced the renewal. The second season of the reality show will focus on eight participants.

Catch the Season 1 premiere of 60 Days In on March 10 at 9/8c.

[Photo by: ANURAK PONGPATIMET/Shutterstock]