Louis Tomlinson’s Family, Harry Styles’ Fling Weigh In On Eleanor Calder, Sophia Smith Betrayal

A member of Louis Tomlinson’s family has expressed her disapproval of the Now magazine betrayal of Louis Tomlinson’s ex, Eleanor Calder, and Liam Payne’s ex, Sophia Smith, reported by The Mirror.

What happened was that a friend of Sophia and Eleanor’s, who is also a journalist with Now magazine, wrote up some private information that was given to him by Eleanor and Sophia in an informal context, then sold it to readers as an “exclusive interview.” The “interview” with Sophia will appear in the print edition of the publication tomorrow.

Felicite Tomlinson, whose brother Louis dated Eleanor for four years prior to his fling with eventual baby mama Briana Jungwirth, according to Daily Mail, weighed in on the recent Sophia/Eleanor fiasco when she liked an Instagram post ranting about the poor form of the journalist, whose name is Joshua Fox.

Felicite gave some insight into why Eleanor has not spoken about her breakup with Tomlinson — Louis’ brunette sister believes that Eleanor would never give an interview about the headline-grabbing breakup with Louis, or reveal her feelings about Briana/Danielle Campbell/Louis’ life after the relationship, because Eleanor has too much class to go public about it. Felicite also believes that Eleanor would not want people to know what happened between herself and Louis and that Eleanor loved and cared for him at one point and will honor that history together by protecting both her own privacy and Tomlinson’s.

Eleanor took to social media to express shock at Joshua Fox’s actions.

It is thought that Fox led the girls to believe that the chat was a casual one and that their comments would not be mined for journalistic scoops. At the very least, it seems that Fox was unclear about his intentions when he met with the girls in an eatery, allowing his friends to believe that their comments were off-the-record and would not be used in any article. Fox then turned around and published the comments as an interview, in which Sophia is quoted as saying the relationship between Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and her ex Liam Payne is “weird.”

Interestingly, Fox’s defense of his conduct, published in a Now blog, also reads very ambiguously. The journalist simply notes the contrast between Eleanor’s rage on social media, where she called him a “liar and a prick,” and the friendly conduct of the girl who smiled weeks earlier as she greeted him at a restaurant and congratulated him on his book. He summarizes the history that he has with Eleanor, noting that they lived close to one another for a time, and says his intention when he met her in February was to get a scoop on “a huge story that was breaking,” referring to Liam Payne’s relationship with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. He does not state that he ever made it clear to Eleanor and Sophia that they were in an interview.

One gets the impression that the former “friend” allowed the brunettes to believe they were having a chummy, innocent lunch. Signals were certainly ambiguous. At worst, Fox could be accused of appalling journalistic conduct, though it is perhaps also fair to accuse Sophia and Eleanor of naiveté — they were aware that Fox was a writer but nevertheless offered their remarks freely and did not, so far as we know, request that he keep them off the record.

Eleanor stood up for Sophia, calling Fox’s interview “lies” and “a load of s***”. Sophia soon jumped on Instagram to applaud her friend’s remarks with some hand emojis.

One Direction stylist and rumored former flame of Harry Styles, Lou Teasdale, also weighed in with emoji applause. Lou sent her support after Eleanor sassily told Fox that social media remarks to him do not count as “an exclusive interview” either! The brunette deadpanned that she is aware by this point that Fox tends to get “confused” about such matters.

Eleanor and Sophia fans were happy to see that Fox did not get off scot-free, though his “interview” is certainly likely to sell well when it comes out tomorrow. Fox complained about the thousands of abusive remarks he received from Directioners after Eleanor scolded him.

Have Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne’s exes been had? Did they get their revenge?

(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)