‘Sharnado’ Sightings At Syfy, New Cast Revealed

Syfy is going into production on yet another Sharknado sequel to the delight of some and the dismay of others. This will be the fourth installment of the melodramatic Sharknado series with a star-studded cast of celebrities from years past.

Syfy Reveals The Cast For Sharknado 4

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, topping the list of familiar names coming to the next Sharknado sequel are Gary Busey and Cheryl Tiegs. Busey will play the father of April Shephard (Tara Reid), who also happens to be an expert astrophysicist specializing in the field of robotics.

We can all see where this is going already, can’t we?

Sharknado 4 will introduce Ms. Tiegs as Fin’s (Ian Zierling) mother, Raye, a former hippie. While Cheryl’s character will be something of a peace lover, she’s not above doing whatever is necessary to protect her family. She also can be very outspoken.

Tommy Davidson of In Living Color fame joins Sharknado 4 as Aston Reynolds, a billionaire playboy who built his fortune in the tech industry.

Cody Linley (Hannah Montana) has been cast to play Matt, who is Fin and April’s oldest son. Together with his best friend, Gabrielle, played by Imani Hakim (Everybody Hates Chris), Matt is in the military, although it’s unclear whether he is on leave to visit home or sent on duty to help with the Sharknado relief efforts.

Masiela Lusha (George Lopez) has been cast as Gemini, Fin’s cousin.

What would Sharknado 4 be without The Hoff? Yes, David Hasselhoff as Gil Shepard.

Ryan Newman is also returning, reprising the role of Claudia Shepard.

Diving Into Sharknado 4: What Is Known So Far

To start off, Sharknado 4 is only a tentative title. The fourth installment will get a more descriptive title, similar to Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, as production moves forward. STL Today reports that also coming up are future announcements of additional cameos, as more celebrities sign on to appear in the new Sharknado sequel.

Also, Syfy has provided an early, brief synopsis for Sharknado 4.

“Fin (Ziering), his family and the cosmos have been blissfully sharknado-free in the intervening years, but now sharks — and ‘nados! — are being whipped up in places (and ways) least expected.”

Sharknado 4, which will take place five years after the close of Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!, is to be directed by Anthony C. Ferrante. Anthony directed the first three Sharknado films as well.

Also returning for Sharknado 4 is Thunder Levin. This is the man to blame for the entire Sharknado franchise. Levin has penned all of the Sharknado films and will write this sequel as well.

Along with Ian Ziering, Tara Reid is expected to return for Sharknado 4, but there’s no telling how she might return. Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! left off by placing April Shephard’s fate in question with a piece of the space shuttle hurtling toward her as the screen faded to black. Syfy put the fate of Reid’s character in the hands of viewers, letting the people decide whether she should live or die.

April’s fate is now up for as much speculation as that of Game of Thrones’ Jon Snow. Much like fans of that series, Sharknado fans are left to ponder whether April lives or whether she might only be seen as a corpse or in flashbacks.

Who would have thought there could ever be a comparison between Tara Reid and Kit Harington, yet there it is. Sharknado and Game of Thrones actually have something in common. Unlike Jon Snow, however, fans had a say in April’s fate. What will it be?

Fans of the Sharknado series will have to wait a bit longer for the answer to that and for the premiere of this spectacular sequel. Sharknado 4 isn’t expected to debut until July.

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