Katt Williams Allegedly Beats Bodyguard For Not Partaking In Criminal Activity, Comedian Goes To Jail Yet Again

On Tuesday, standup comedian Katt Williams was arrested once again and booked in a county jail in Georgia for allegedly beating up his own bodyguard last month in his home.

Born Katt Micah Sierra Williams, 42, the comedian reportedly brought his bodyguard, Corey Dixon, to his house on February 28 and beat him with a baseball bat because he refused to “engage in criminal activity as directed by Williams.”

In addition, 24-year-old Tatiana Smith also choked Dixon as the comedian threatened to kill him.

Williams was booked into Hall County Jail on Tuesday on aggravated assault, false imprisonment, and terroristic threat charges.

Authorities also went to Williams’ house on Lake Breeze Lane in Gainesville with a search warrant and found marijuana and some weapons.

Aside from the comedian, Tatiana Smith and 40-year-old Lena Smith were also booked into the county jail. The three will be waiting for the committal hearing on Wednesday afternoon to determine their bond.

According to the report, on the same day that the assault took place, Katt Williams and 15 other people robbed five women at gunpoint. Given the beatdown that took place that evening, it appears Dixon did not take part in the crime, which Williams apparently was not happy about.

The next day, Gainesville police arrested Williams after they received a call from a pool store. The comedian punched a store employee because said employee allegedly used the N-word on him.

“He thought that when he was having a conversation with me that I was in his pool store to rob it,” Williams told reporters.

Katt added that the store employee thought that he was trying to distract him when the comedian placed 30 items on the counter.

Katt Williams Explains His Side of the Pool Store Arrest

After receiving battery charges and being arrested, Katt Williams bailed himself out of jail because he needed to attend a Los Angeles court hearing for another case involving a fight with a man near LAX Airport in 2014.

Williams has been in the headlines lately due to his anger and aggression issues.

On Sunday, the comedian got beaten down at a Beanie Sigel concert in Philadelphia after he reportedly started a brawl.

Video footage showed Williams’ appearance at the Trocadero Theatre in Philadelphia, where he is seen preparing to punch an unidentified man. The man, who was surprised by the attack, then led a group of people who beat the comedian to the ground.

Katt Williams Punches a Man and Gets Mauled by Crowd

Aside from assaulting his own bodyguard and just punching other people, Katt Williams has also called out fellow comedian Kevin Hart to a challenge.

The challenge, which Williams made during his Conspiracy Theory tour stop on Saturday, is made up of five “events,” and each one would cost a million dollars.

“I got a show at your hometown, in Philly, Imma tape my special there. On that stage, we can put whatever you want: a full-court basketball court, a boxing ring, two microphones for a rap cypher, or you can get your a** dusted in comedy on that stage,” said Williams.

The comedian then referred to Hart as “Mr. $28 million in Forbes.”

He added that he would bring his own cash, and Hart should bring his as well. Williams also told the Get Hard actor not to bring any white people with him to the match.

Katt Williams Calls Out Kevin Hart To $5 Million Battle!???????? https://t.co/2GQ2qxUjVx #WSHH pic.twitter.com/Z7nTxKoYEd


Williams has since apologized to Hart in a radio interview on Big Tigger, stating that he did not mean to raise such a challenge. However, it seems he found a new target in Chris Rock.

“Chris Rock has been a coon … He doesn’t like black women; he left his black wife,” said Katt Williams in the radio show.

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