March 8, 2016
Ryan Reynolds To Receive 'Deadpool' Box Office Bonuses

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool has already grossed more than $600 million at the global box office in less than a month, and now it's time to estimate what the 39-year-old actor's box-office bonuses will bring him in terms of earnings.

According to The Hollywood Reporter sources, Ryan Reynolds, who is Deadpool's actor and producer, was paid $2 million upfront and is the only actor of the movie who will receive box-office bonuses and backend compensation.

As of now, the movie that took 20th Century Fox $58 million to make is likely to bring Ryan Reynolds $12 million and possibly much more if it crosses the $800 million mark worldwide, as predicted by many movie critics. And this kind of sum of money is pretty significant for the actor, considering the fact that his latest movies, Green Lantern and R.I.P.D., weren't exactly successful.

Ryan Reynolds has reportedly signed up for the sequel of Deadpool, but his agents are expected to be renegotiating the deal in order to significantly increase the actor's earnings for future installments of the Marvel franchise.

It also appears that Deadpool's funny opening credits tricked the audience into thinking that the movie's director Tim Miller is an "overpaid tool." The opening credits made fun of the entire movie industry by substituting real names with funny phrases such as "Directed by an Overpaid Tool," "Starring God's Perfect Idiot" (referring to Ryan Reynolds) and "Written by the Real Heroes Here."

In reality, Miller was paid only $250,000 up front, which is a far cry from being "overpaid." As noted by the The Hollywood Reporter, it's a usual semi-standard studio fee for directors who work on their first movie. Miller, who is a famous visual effects specialist, had worked on Deadpool since 2011 and had an option to direct another Fox movie that would bring him $500,000.

However, just like Ryan Reynolds, the director will receive box-office bonuses for Deadpool. Other people that put together the movie, including writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, are also among those who will receive box-office bonuses. It appears to be essential for 20th Century Fox to keep Deadpool's team happy as future movies of the franchise are in the works.

Moreover, both Wernich and Reese reportedly already started working on a Deadpool sequel, according to another article in The Hollywood Reporter. Unlike Ryan Reynolds and other people who have worked on the movie, Miller still hasn't negotiated a deal with Fox to work on the sequel. But it seems that in order to make Miller return for the sequel, Fox will have to offer him a much more attractive deal.

Ryan Reynold's Deadpool is a Marvel character who was first seen in the Marvel big-screen world in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, released in 2009. After Fox received a number of comments from fans that would like to see the character again, the company launched the Deadpool project. At first, executives couldn't decide on whether to make the movie R-rated or not.

And when Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool test footage leaked on the internet in 2014, positive comments from Marvel fans prompted Fox to proceed with the movie. And now such a successful reception worldwide turned the movie into an entire franchise.

Scott Mendelson, contributor for Forbes, argues that Ryan Reynolds deserves "all of the credit in the world" for Deadpool's worldwide success. Mendelson also noted that Deadpool has been Reynolds' "pet project" from the very beginning and that the actor had worked hard for six years to make the movie happen. The author even compared Reynolds' success to that of Robert Downey Jr. in Paramount/Viacom's Iron Man.

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]