March 21, 2017
Jonah Hill And Channing Tatum's 'Jump Street'/'Men In Black' Crossover Movie Is Happening

Jonah Hill is becoming one of Saturday Night Live's regular hosts, as the 21 Jump Street actor hosted last Saturday's episode of the show. This is the fourth time Hill has hosted Saturday Night Live, and fans seem to be not exactly satisfied with Saturday's sketches, according to Yahoo News.

Jonah Hill shared his opening monologue with musical guest Future, whom the Oscar-nominated actor introduced on stage as one of his friends. Hill went on to share what he has been doing recently, mentioning that he watched Deadpool and starred in the trailer for Hail, Caesar!

Then SNL's regular Kyle Mooney asked Jonah Hill to share his view on what it's like being a big celebrity in the movie industry, and that's where Future showed up on stage to perform his hit song "Jumpman" along with Hill (with the actor substituting Drake). Last Saturday's episode also saw two more performances by Future, including his song with The Weeknd, "Low Life" and a re-worked version of "March Madness."

In one of the sketches about a high school wrestler, Jonah Hill plays "the biggest loser" named Nate, who believes he had defeated the best wrestler of the town. Nate, who feels like a champion, now becomes in the center of attention among girls, and even gets an invite to a beer party from the school's most popular cheerleader.

But then Jonah Hill's character comes back home and turns on the TV, where he learns that the real champion of the town voluntarily let one of the school's losers to get a victory "as an act of charity." And now everybody in the school feels bad for Nate for the reason that he "sucks so hard."

The news report about Jonah Hill's character being a fake wrestling champion becomes the biggest topic during the news broadcast and it even receives more attention in the town than a double murder, which is said to be committed by Will and Grace star Eric McCormack.

Jonah Hill ended his Saturday Night Live episode by thanking the entire cast and saying that the show always makes him feel like it's one big family. But that episode wasn't exactly the funniest Saturday Night Live episode hosted by Hill, as noted by fans.

In other news, it looks like it's actually happening! Sony Pictures is indeed working on another movie in the Jump Street series, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, which will be a Men in Black movie crossover, according to Pop Crush.

And another exciting piece of news about the upcoming crossover is that Jonah Hill and Tatum's characters will be battling aliens instead of going undercover to battle drug dealers. Jenko (played by Tatum) and Schmidt (played by Hill) will be immersed into the world of Men in Black, while Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, the actors in the original Men in Black films, are not listed among those who are expected to star in the upcoming crossover.

It is also expected that James Bobin, director of The Muppets, could direct the movie. The production of which is set to begin this summer.

It was originally rumored that 23 Jump Street and Men in Black could become a crossover movie after hackers hacked Sony Pictures and leaked thousands of the company employees' emails. It appears that the idea to create a crossover movie comes as a parody of constant crossovers in the world of superheros.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who wrote and directed the first two Jump Street movies starring Jonah Hill and Tatum, were the ones who came up with the crossover idea and were reportedly offering their services to work on the upcoming movie, but then they started working on one of the movies for the Star Wars franchise instead.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]