August 24, 2017
Is Beyonce Postponing Formation Tour Over Alleged Jay-Z Divorce? 'Marriage Is Over,' Say Multiple Sources

With Beyonce making endless headlines for what appears to be an upcoming divorce from her longtime beau, Jay-Z, could the drama regarding her supposed soon-to-be ex-husband be affecting her plans to head on out for the forthcoming Formation tour next month?

Numerous reports have claimed that the 34-year-old is extremely unhappy in her marriage, as one source alleges that the only reason why the twosome are still together is because of their joint businesses — the Formation tour being one of them.

With all of the marriage drama, one shouldn't forget that the majority of Beyonce's businesses are interlinked with her husband, who is said to be managing his wife's career, having infamously taken over from Matthew Knowles' duties in 2011.

Matthew was dismissed from his position after Beyonce was alleged to have uncovered that her father had been stealing money from her. She evidently gave him the boot and replaced him with Jay-Z, who has proven himself to be one hell of a businessman when it comes to turning almost anything into a successful phenomenon -- with the exception of Tidal.

Radar Online reveals that neither Beyonce or Jay-Z are happy being in the relationship anymore, despite the fact that the twosome have made several public appearances recently. The Hollywood stars were seen at a party in Los Angeles last week, but according to insiders, it was clear that neither of them could stand being around one another.

"They have never looked so disconnected before and it is painfully obvious that they are both just beyond miserable!" the source gushed, giving the impression that Beyonce and Jay-Z are hurting themselves emotionally just by being together, having supposedly shown great signs that hint their marriage has collapsed.

Taking all of this into consideration, Beyonce's fans are still anticipating for the singer to head on out on her Formation world tour — so could it possibly be that the shows could face an unexpected cancellation just so that the R&B singer can move on from Jay-Z?

If one was to believe the endless reports that have suggested Beyonce wants a divorce, this would have an incredible effect on the singer's career, particularly her forthcoming tour, since Jay's name is said to be attached to it.

The last thing Beyonce would want to do after filing for divorce would be to hand over a hefty check to her husband for his collaborative effort in making the tour a success, although, Beyonce's name alone could have made the Formation movement a triumph without Jay's input.

Rumors of the couple's upcoming divorce comes just one week after it was alleged that Beyonce had confided in her best pal, Kelly Rowland, telling the former Destiny's Child member that her marriage is over. "She took off her wedding ring, held it in the air and told everyone that this would be one of the last times they would see it because she was ending her marriage," an insider revealed. "Friends and family tried to calm her down."

Fans shouldn't be surprised to learn of an upcoming cancellation of the entire Formation tour — and if that was to happen, the BeyHive should have the decency to respect Beyonce's decision, for the process of a divorce is never easy for anyone — unless your name is Kim Kardashian.

Stay strong, Queen Beyonce.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]