March 9, 2016
'The Walking Dead' Spoilers Season 6, Episode 13: The Real Negan -- Almost Complete Spoilers For 'The Same Boat'

The Walking Dead is nearing the end of season 6 and the action is getting really intense. In the latest spoilers released for season 6, episode 13 titled "The Same Boat," TWD fans are waiting to see what kind of plan Rick comes up with to get Carol and Maggie back. At the end of episode 12 "Not Tomorrow Yet," as Rick and the rest of the survivors stood in what they thought was victory, a woman came over the loud speaker to announce that they have Carol and Maggie. Will the survivors be able to get everyone out of Negan's compound without anyone getting killed?

The upcoming episode "The Same Boat" will be just as exciting and action-packed as the last few while Rick tries to figure out how the group will beat Negan. The Spoiling Dead Fans released details for the upcoming episode as they often do, and things are going to get real tricky while Rick tries to haggle with Negan to get Carol and Maggie back in return for the Savior that they captured. It turns out this Negan guy isn't a big bluffer like Daryl thought.

The beginning of episode 13 starts out just like the previews have shown. Carol and Maggie are arguing because Carol doesn't think she should have come along for this mission since she's pregnant. Many fans have been commenting the same recently about Maggie's decision to go after Negan with Rick and the rest of the survivors. They seem to have really underestimated just how terrible Negan can be and the decision for Maggie to go along is proof of that.

During the argument, Carol draws her gun and shoots a man behind Maggie. The shot wasn't clear and the man is not fatally injured, so when Carol went to shoot again, a woman steps out, points a gun to her head, and tells her not to shoot. That's when two more women step out and take their guns.

It turns out that Negan is fully aware of what is going on outside his compound and a shot of someone from that side looking through binoculars proves it. From their point of view, we see Daryl snatch a guy riding a bike and Rick offers to trade him back for Maggie and Carol. Even though Negan or whoever is facilitating the trade isn't happy with the uneven trade, they agree to meet. That's where we saw Maggie and Carol with bags over their heads from the promo trailer.

As the episode ends, it looks like Maggie and Carol are still not rescued. According to the spoiler info available, Rick still has the man on the bike, so he asks him if Negan ever really was inside. The bike rider told Rick, "I am Negan." Apparently, that's something all of Negan's followers do in order to protect their leader.

Rick wasn't having any of that nonsense, though. He put a gun to the man's head and shot him. This gives up the bargaining chip that Rick had in order to get Carol and Maggie back, but information on the middle of the episode is missing, so here is what we are speculating.

At some point, even though they have Carol and Maggie, it becomes clear that Negan isn't going to trade two of Rick's group for only one of his. He actually may not trade at all because Negan doesn't have to give anyone back. Rick and his group have already killed several of Negan's men. Obviously, they don't really mean much to Negan and the loss of one more doesn't mean much to him. Does the most terrifying villain to grace The Walking Dead have bigger plans for his hostages? It sounds like Rick killed the Savior on the bike out of frustration and anger.

How do you think Rick and the survivors will get Maggie and Carol back? With only three full episodes left until the finale, we're getting closer to someone's shocking death. Do you think this attack on Negan and his capture of two of Rick's people is part of that death?

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