AMC Cancels The Killing

Perhaps fans of The Killing saw the writing on the wall. After two seasons of the show, AMC made the decision to cancel the show, which has been struggling in the ratings for the past year.

It’s said that after the first season wrapped without solving the question of “Who killed Rosie?”, the writers were met with upset fans, and ratings dropped from the first season to the second season. With that as incentive, season two’s season finale saw the mystery solved, and detective Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) was seen walking away from the job, while her partner Stephen Holden (Joel Kinnaman) moved on to the next case.

A statement was made by Fox Television about the canceling of the show, “Fox Television Studios is extremely proud of The Killing, the extraordinary writing staff and crew, and what we believe is one of the best casts on television.” According to sources, the team of writers of The Killing always planned to solve the murder in the first two seasons, but it wasn’t said whether or not they had intentions of The Killing only being a two season run.

However, if you think this is it for The Killing, think again, because Fox TV has high hopes for the future of The Killing, stating that the show, “will proceed to try to find another home for the show.” AMC also made a statement about the cancellation of The Killing, stating, “After much deliberation, we’ve come to the difficult decision not to renew The Killing for a third season. AMC is incredibly proud of the show and is fortunate to have worked with such a talented team on this project, from show runner Veena Sud and our terrific partners at Fox Television Studios to the talented, dedicated crew and exceptional cast.”

This cancellation comes on the heels of the monumental success AMC has had with Breaking Bad, which is on its second to last season right now. Do you think The Killing should have been pulled by AMC?