Eagles Co-Founder Randy Meisner Placed On Psych Hold After Wife Is Fatally Shot In Freak Accident

Randy Meisner has been placed on a psychiatric hold following the accidental shooting death of his wife on Sunday. The Eagles co-founder and original bassist has been placed under a 72-hour watch after threatening to kill himself, according to TMZ.

The new report revealed that law enforcement agents called to the scene noted that Randy Meisner was “distraught and unstable” after his wife, 63-year-old Lana Rae Meisner, was found shot to death in a freak accident at their home. Randy Meisner has a long history with substance abuse, so agents placed him on a psych hold after he made suicide threats.

Randy Meisner has not been charged with his wife’s death and is not a crime suspect, despite the fact that police had been to the couple’s Studio City, California, home just 90 minutes before the shooting after a drunken domestic dispute call. After police left the Meisner residence, Lana Meisner was reportedly in her closet getting a pair of shoes when she moved the rifle bag and an object inside it moved and activated the trigger, shooting her in the head.

According to CNN, a preliminary investigation into the shooting concluded that Lana Meisner’s death was not a homicide, and that Randy Meisner was “cooperative throughout the investigation.” Randy reportedly wasn’t even in the room when the rifle fired, and he heard the gunshot from another room in the house.

Randy Meisner made headlines last year when he allegedly threatened murder-suicide with an AK-47 and prescription pills at a hospital. According to Rolling Stone, Meisner had been hospitalized multiple times for alcoholism and was diagnosed as bipolar before he made the terroristic threats.

An L.A. County Superior Court judge ultimately put the rocker under temporary court-ordered supervision after bizarre allegations that his wife was keeping him in a constant drunken state so he’d be easier to manage. Meisner later told TMZ that he was shocked to hear the claims about his wife, and he shrugged off the conservatorship talk as just a plot to take hold of his money. Meisner said he didn’t need anyone making his decisions for him.

After quitting the Southern California soft rock band Poco in the late 1960s, Randy Meisner became the co-founder and original bassist of the Eagles, but he left the group at the height of their fame during their 1977 tour, following a backstage brawl with fellow founding member Glenn Frey (he also claimed he left the group due to “exhaustion”). Meisner was replaced by his former Poco bandmate Timothy B. Schmidt, but he left “Take It To The Limit,” one of the Eagles’ greatest songs, in his wake.

Meisner last performed with the classic rock band in 1998 at the Eagles’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction. While Randy Meisner did not appear with the rest of the Eagles for the Grammy Awards tribute to their late co-founder Glenn Frey last month, he expressed sadness and “complete shock” over Frey’s death. Meisner told the New York Daily News that he had heard Frey wasn’t feeling well and was in the hospital, but he figured he would get better because he was the most energetic one in the band. Meisner even expressed remorse that he didn’t get the chance to play with Frey one last time.

“This is very sad for me. I’m sad we couldn’t take it to the limit one more time.”

Take a look at the video below for more on the death of Randy Meisner’s wife Lana.

[Photo By Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS ]