Kanye West Net Worth: Kim Kardashian Divorce Called Off? Kris Jenner Wants Drama On ‘KUWTK’

Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, has his back. After the rapper revealed on Twitter that he was $53 million in debt, the reality star took to Twitter, where she revealed she was cashing a check and preparing to put the money in her and Kanye West’s joint account.

In February, after a series of Twitter rants against various celebrities, Kanye West sent a message to Mark Zuckerberg, requesting he invest $1 billion in his “ideas” after telling fans he had accumulated a huge debt after launching several projects, including his clothing line, Yeezy.

In response, Kardashian took to Twitter today, where she posted a message, which read, “Sorry I’m late to the party guys I was busy cashing my 80 million video game check & transferring 53 million into our joint account.”

In addition to Kardashian’s tweet serving as a response to Kanye West’s recent debt claims, it also addressed a recent report, which claimed she and Kanye West were keeping their finances separate as they reportedly headed towards divorce.

On March 2, a source close to the family told Radar Online that Kanye West and his wife “have separate bank accounts right now and keep all of their money completely separate.”

As the outlet revealed, Kanye West’s net worth is a reported $145 million, but he’s reportedly trying to “get out of debt.” Meanwhile, Kanye West’s wife’s net worth is an estimated $85 million — and she’s reportedly refusing to help him with his finances.

“Kim refuses to help [Kanye West] get out of debt because she does not want to be involved in his money situation,” said the source. “[Kanye West] spends money like it grows on trees… The tables have turned this past year financially between the two of them, and it is making [Kanye West] very angry and resentful.”

“He’s also asked Kris for money but no one is willing to hand over $50 million to him, especially in his current state of mind,” the source added.

At the end of last month, following weeks of Kanye West rants, a Radar Online report claimed his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, was hoping to expose his alleged marital troubles with Kardashian on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Currently, the Kardashian sisters, including Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, as well as the Jenners, Kris, Kendall and Kylie, are in production for the 12th season of the show, and if Kris gets her way, Kardashian and Kanye West will be candid about their alleged issues within their marriage. In addition to hoping that doing so will increase viewership, Kris also wants her daughter and Kanye West in counseling because she simply does not want to see a third divorce for the longtime reality star.

“Kris is in complete panic mode about Kim and [Kanye West],” a source close to the family explained. “She does not want Kim to have a third divorce.”

However, the source explained, “[Kanye West doesn’t want to do counseling. He is convinced that he is doing nothing wrong. He is telling Kim that he is a genius and to stick by him and not worry about the criticism. But Kim is worried. She has no idea what he is going to do next.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will return to the E! Network this spring for Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 12. A premiere date has not yet been set.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for EJAF]