Cleveland Browns Rumors: Johnny Manziel May Be Hanging Around

The rock star persona of Johnny Manziel has come to a head. The troubled signal-caller for the Cleveland Browns is a day away from finding out his future. After constant run-ins with the law, underperforming on the field, and an insatiable appetite for partying, the Browns are expected to part ways with Manziel. But, there are rumors that Johnny Football may be hanging around. Will Cleveland have to endure another year of the antics?

According to the Business Insider, Manziel may be staying put for a while. His dismissal from the Browns may be more complicated than once thought. NFL insider Adam Schefter was a guest on ESPN Radio to discuss the moves of several teams in the NFL and dropped the bomb about Manziel.

Cleveland Browns Rumors
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“If I were Cleveland, this is how I would be thinking,” Schefter explained. “Johnny Manziel is probably going to be disciplined by the NFL, probably going to be suspended. If and when he is suspended, the Browns could get back some bonus money.”

While Schefter reported that Manziel had “destroyed his value” to other NFL teams, that sentiment could change if another team fails to land a quarterback in free agency or through the draft. Despite all his issues, Manziel has shown flashes of quarterback ability and has a 2016 cap hit of just $2.2 million. That’s not a bad price tag for a quarterback in the NFL.

He also pointed out that he thinks Manziel will not be in a Browns uniform. But as far as an immediate departure, Cleveland fans will have to wait awhile.

“On Johnny Manziel, I don’t think the Browns do anything for a while,” Schefter said. “A lot of people have been waiting for the start of the league year, thinking they were going to release him. The Browns are not expected to release Johnny Manziel when the new league year begins.”

Manziel has had a well-documented string of incidents dating back to the last offseason that includes showing up to practice drunk, allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, and wearing a disguise while partying in Las Vegas. Browns representatives have taken a strong stance against Manziel’s actions publically, which makes the decision to keep him on the roster past March 9 even more surprising.

Cleveland Bowns Rumors
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The Cleveland bad boy has been spotted in Vegas again, per the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He was spotted at 1 Oak nightclub with an entourage that included Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Scott Disick. His off-field legend seems to get larger each time he visits the City of Lights. Manziel was also spotted with teammate Josh Gordon.

While Manziel has become the epitome of disdain to many in the NFL, one player still has his back. Denver Broncos superhuman linebacker Von Miller is confident that Manziel will be able to turn things around. Miller spoke on the trials of his Texas A&M alum, per GQ.

“I feel like—you know you never want to blame a team—I don’t think he had enough support around him. Who knows? You might see Johnny Manziel in Denver.”

Miller understands the plight of Manziel and offers that he’ll support Johnny as long as he’s doing the right things. With Miller’s evolution into one of the icons of the NFL, his endorsement of Manziel could carry a lot of weight.

The Browns decision to coddle Manziel a bit longer could be to keep him from going over the edge. Whatever team decides to gamble on him will be taking a huge chance. The talent is there, but he’ll be under the microscope of both the NFL and the media.

If his personal demons can be conquered, Manziel could turn out to be a decent signing for the right team.

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