Dorian Murray: Mom Provides Grim Update, Announces Dorian J. Murray Foundation For Pediatric Cancer Research

Dorian Murray, who gained worldwide attention with his wish to become famous, is nearing the end of his life. On Tuesday, Melissa Murray confirmed her 8-year-old son is slipping away. However, she also announced the formation of the Dorian J. Murray Foundation, which will keep “his name and the #Dstrong movement alive forever.”

Dorian’s heartbreaking journey with cancer began in April 2012. As discussed on the Praying for Dorian Facebook page, his parents became concerned when they noticed an unusual lump on the then 4-year-old boy’s right knee.

Following a barrage of testing, the doctors confirmed the Murrays’ worst fears. Their son was suffering from an aggressive childhood cancer. In addition to the lump on his knee, doctors found tumors on his outer chest wall, hip, and spine. The testing also confirmed Dorian’s bone marrow was infected with the deadly disease.

As discussed by the National Cancer Institute, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma is a cancer of the soft tissue, which is most prominent in children. Although chemotherapy and radiation may eliminate individual tumors, or slow their growth, there is no cure for the devastating disease.

Between April 2012 and December 2015, Dorian Murray underwent chemotherapy, radiation, and numerous surgeries. Although the young boy and his family experienced periods of immense happiness and devastating grief, they were unwilling to give up their hope for a better future.

Unfortunately, Dorian’s health took a turn for the worse at the beginning of the new year. On January 1, Melissa Murray announced the chemotherapy and radiation were no longer effective in treating the alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.

Although continued treatment may have extended his life for a short period of time, Dorian and his parents decided he would live out the rest of his life “without the daily visit to the hospital. No chemo. No vomiting. No transfusions. No needles.”

“We sat with Dorian today and had the talk no parent should ever have with their child… We told him what was happening. We told him he had a choice; continue chemo and possibly gain days or a week at most, or, stay home and be comfortable. Hang out with his family, do some fun things and enjoy the time left… Dorian easily made his choice.”

Dorian Murry knew his health was failing. However, he had one last wish. The 8-year-old wanted to be famous before he went “to heaven.” Within hours, the wish went viral on social media with the hashtag #Dstrong. Within days, Dorian was receiving well wishes and messages of hope from around the world.

The overwhelming response provided the Murrays with incredible joy during an otherwise devastating time. Unfortunately, the little boy’s condition continued to deteriorate.

On March 4, Melissa announced Dorian is “sleeping almost 20 hours a day… is mostly unresponsive… has also stopped eating.” Four days later, she confirmed her son is slipping away.

“This is so hard. Sitting here, watching Dorian slip away is torture. Every breath he takes could be his last, every sound he makes may be the last time I hear his little voice. He said my name twice yesterday, it made me smile.”

Melissa confirmed Dorian is resting comfortably at this time and is being attended to. Although the family is devastated

Although she is devastated by the prospect of losing her son, Melissa also announced the formation of the Dorian J. Murray Foundation. Although it is in its early stages, the foundation’s mission is to raise awareness about pediatric cancer. A planned website will provide “newly diagnosed families” with links to much-needed emotional and financial support.

Dorian Murray is nearing the end of his life. However, his family hopes his name and the #DStrong hashtag will live on through the Dorian J. Murray Foundation.

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