NFL Rumors: Malik Jackson To Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos To Miss Out [Breaking]

NFL rumors have Malik Jackson possibly signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars. These NFL rumors have Jackson leaving the Denver Broncos to sign a hefty new contract with the Jaguars. A report from CBS Sports states that the Jaguars are offering about $15 million per season. Jackson’s contract would be for five or six NFL seasons, giving him long-term security with Jacksonville. The deal could also leave the Denver Broncos scrambling for a replacement for Jackson during the NFL offseason.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have around $79 million in salary cap space this offseason, leading to the team coming up in many different NFL rumors. Signing Malik Jackson could just be the first in several moves that the team makes during the free agency period. While Jackson can agree to the deal on Tuesday, March 8, he won’t be able to officially sign with the Jaguars until Wednesday, March 9. This gives the Broncos a small window to try to counter the offer that Jackson has on the table.

Malik Jackson has played his first four NFL seasons with the Denver Broncos. During the 2015 NFL season, he became a full-time starter at defensive end. While playing there he finished with 5 and a half sacks, a safety, two fumble recoveries, and seven pass deflections. Jackson really gained a lot of national attention by scoring a touchdown on a fumble recover against the Carolina Panthers during the recent Super Bowl. It may have added several million dollars to the contract he will now receive during NFL free agency.

Malik Jackson Touchdown
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There have been a lot of NFL rumors about what the Denver Broncos are able to do this offseason. The franchise has a lot of salary cap problems, with only about $16.7 million to spend during free agency. That number includes the amount the Broncos will pay to acquire a starting and backup quarterback. A potential deal with Brock Osweiler could use most of that salary cap space, leaving very little money to even offer Malik Jackson a new deal. This is why the most recent NFL rumors of Jackson going to the Jacksonville Jaguars make sense.

Not counting a contract offer to Malik Jackson, the Jaguars have spent about $111.3 million of roughly $190.3 million that the team has available for the 2016 NFL season. That guarantees the team will continue to be active during the NFL free agency period, especially with key positions locked up with inexpensive players. Having an affordable contract for quarterback Blake Bortles (roughly $21 million over four seasons), it allows the team to spend more money on other positions. This is why a deal is on the table for Jackson.

Former Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas is currently the highest-paid player on the roster for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Adding Malik Jackson will make them the two highest-paid players. This could also be just the first of many free agents who decide to leave the Broncos during the NFL offseason. The team simply doesn’t have the money to pay players or offer long-term deals to potential hold-outs. The Broncos had to put a franchise tag on Von Miller in order to keep him with the franchise, with the potential of working on a long-term deal during the season.

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An updated report from confirms the NFL rumors that have been going around. Malik Jackson is officially going to leave the Denver Broncos to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The deal will become official when players can officially sign new contracts. The new NFL league year begins on Wednesday, March 9 at 4 p.m. ET. It is at that point where Jackson will officially become the first free agent signing of the Jaguars this offseason. It is expected that many more NFL rumors will also include the franchise before free agency closes.

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