'Mob Wives' Spoilers: Series Finale Scoop Leaked--Drita D'Avanzo And Karen Spar--Security Offers To Leave So They Can Settle The Score?

The Mob Wives series finale airs on March 9 on VH1, and the buildup to the last episode has fans on the edge of their seat about the showdown between Karen Gravano and Drita D'Avanzo. Last week, Brittany Fogarty had a sit down with Karen Gravano, Renee Graziano, Carla Facciolo, and Big Ang. They women told her they felt like she was too close to Drita, and it was making it difficult to be friendly with her. She reacted by telling them they have no right to dictate who she was friends with, and stormed out of the organized sit-down. Karen and Brittany nearly came to blows--ending their friendship for good.

Mob Wives spoilers indicate that Drita called Marissa Jade and issued her a warning--she is going to show them how to settle an argument. Marissa responded by saying, "You sound really angry, huh." Reality Ashhole clued fans in on a production secret: Marissa asked for them to reshoot the scene because, in the original scene, Marissa was silent as Drita threatened her. Marissa didn't want to look like she was scared of anyone. Mob Wives production humored her and allowed her to appear unbothered by Drita's threats.

Marissa Jade Is Not Really On the Phone With Drita D'Avanzo

Now, let's get to the highly anticipated sit-down. When Drita and Brittany arrived, Mob Wives security checked their bags for weapons. They were not taking any chances that they could be hiding a knife or worse to use during the sit-down. Adam, head of the production staff, told Drita to start the conversation immediately when they arrive, because she was the one who supposedly organized the meetup. Karen and Marissa came together and barely walked in the small restaurant's doors before Drita started with her verbal insults.

Karen and Marissa seemed unphased by Drita's meltdown and went to sit at the table. They appeared to disrespect Drita by dismissing her, which only intensified her anger. Drita was pumped up and ready to get in an altercation. Drita confronted Karen about trashing her family to Brittany and told her that she needs to stop talking about Lee. Of course, Karen denied that she said anything about her family. However, Drita knew she was lying through her teeth.

Apparently, Drita asked Mob Wives security to leave so they wouldn't intervene in the confrontation between them. Production stated that if Karen and Marissa agreed, security would leave, and they could settle this any way they saw fit. Of course, they refused, as they were both scared that Drita could tear them to shreds. Drita kept taunting Karen--insulting her over and over. Production was close to Drita, and kept forcing her to sit down. Eventually, D'Avanzo was so angry she couldn't hold back anymore, and she flipped on of the tables and the other part of the table crumbled.

Karen began to defend herself and started trashing Drita in the only way she knew would get her upset--she attacked Lee. Karen still refused to brawl with her, and that frustrates Drita.

"You see what I am talking about? She can fight--once and for all, and she evades. She is scared--running scared," Drita said.

Production forced the girls to sit down, and Brittany decided to confront Marissa for telling everyone she beat her up. Marissa tells her she "clocked" her and that it was enough to "send her a message." Marissa proceeded to call Brittany's mother a rat, which began another argument about who's a bigger rat--Brittany or Marissa for turning on her baby's daddy. The only thing Marissa had to say was to call repeatedly Brittany's mother a rat. She was reaching in an attempt to draw attention away from her claim she "beat Brittany up."
As Marissa, Drita, and Brittany traded jabs at each other, Karen took off her belt and slammed it across the table--specifically aiming to hit Drita and Brittany. All it did was infuriate Drita as she grabbed plates and threw them in Karen's direction. Nothing was resolved, and the hatred between them is even stronger. Will they settle anything during the Mob Wives Reunion show? Find out next week on Mob Wives on VH1.
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