Bob Whitfield's Take When He Ignited Passion On 'RHOA' Vacation To Jamaica With Sheree Whitfield

Sheree Whitfield and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield may be getting back together, according to an exclusive interview with Radar Online. When Sheree and Bob from Real Housewives of Atlanta went on a trip to Jamaica together, they appeared to spend quite a bit of time together and they flirted a lot. The rumors that their relationship is on again may be true as the couple did show promise in that area in Jamaica.

"Here's the thing, the previous relationship was so damaged,. Two adults, we wouldn't dare to venture into a relationship, but we are exploring each other's company, I will say."
Bob Whitfield and Sheree Whitfield divorced in 2007 before Sheree joined the cast of RHOA. Rumors surrounded her marriage back then that she married Bob for money. Sheree denies those rumors, saying that Bob did not have any money when they met.
Why Sheree Whitfield and Bob Whitfield are pursuing their relationship again is not really known. Maybe they wanted to relive the good times and stay away from the things that caused conflict? They have said they are not interested in being remarried, at this time. They are just trying to see if they can reconnect with the good times of being together without that piece of paper that ties them together.

Bob Whitfield told Radar Online, "Having been around the person, you can in your mind think about, 'Hey, it used to be good when it was good, but when it was bad, it was hella bad.'"

Apparently, Sheree and Bob decided to try out their relationship again after they met up at their kid's birthday party in July 2015. They had a good time together. Then, they decided to continue their relationship in small steps just to see what might happen and if they could be together and have fun, as they used to.

"It started because of the birthday party," Bob explained to Radar Online on how he and Sheree got together again. "It was kind of a festive occasion and it was a bowling alley party. So now drinks are involved, jokes are involved, different type of mood. So then it's like, 'Let's try breakfast…' take it easy and just go little bit by little."

This time, Sheree Whitfield and Bob Whitfield are not in a hurry. They are taking their time, and not setting fires under each other to spark an argument. They steer clear from the things they know will set the other person off.

"It's almost like you just take your time with it because we've been hanging around each other for a long time. So we know little ways about each other, so how to maneuver. It's been pretty cool. We ain't been playing bumper cars, smashing them up."
When the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta went on their cast vacation, Bob came along. Their relationship heated up as Bob made a play for her and he remembered how good she felt in his arms and he wanted to pursue those feelings again.
"Going to Jamaica was a challenge because you know I still act a fool getting in the sunshine and the water. And I got mesmerized because I haven't seen her up close like that… I couldn't resist but grab her booty. It was like I got a flashback and I was like, 'You're better than I remember.' Oh my gosh, it's awesome."
Sheree Whitfield and Bob Whitfield have no plans to get married anytime soon because they just want to explore each other and take their time. Bob believes that instead of stardust, he wants to "build something of substance." However, Bob may be serious about this relationship because Bob has stopped dating other people. Another thing that is different in this relationship, according to Bob, is that this time he is letting Sheree "lead because I'm real passionate about her."

Sheree Whitfield and Bob have past issues that could ignite and destroy their relationship at any time; but, right now, they are just steering clear of those known problem areas. He described their relationship as "a delicate song and dance so everybody takes a chance to lead."

Bob told Radar Online, "We had our differences and our problems, but I never just gave up on her. I feel like I've invested a lot. We've invested a lot in each other, so I'm not going to just scrap my investment to her. You kept the name for a reason."

Do you believe that Bob Whitfield and Sheree Whitfield have a better chance with their relationship this time or should they stay apart and just be friends?

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