‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 13: Carol And Maggie’s Fate – Slaughter Teased – Negotiations Too Easy?

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13 is titled “The Same Boat.” Last Sunday, TWD ended on a suspenseful note. As fans remember, Carol and Maggie were caught and taken hostage. The rest of Rick’s group who sneaked into Negan’s base didn’t even know Carol and Maggie were in danger. What can fans expect on the next episode of The Walking Dead? Who took Carol and Maggie? Will Rick be able to negotiate a deal to get them back? Will either character survive or will Season 6, Episode 13 end with viewers grieving Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan or other TWD fan-favorite characters?

After the last episode aired, AMC released the official promo for The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13. The promo clip for “The Same Boat” doesn’t keep Carol and Maggie’s abductors a secret. The two TWD characters are taken at gunpoint. Carol was so busy arguing with Maggie that she became distracted. Carol is pretty good at detecting movement, slight sounds, and listening to her gut feeling. However, her emotions were all over the place last week, which probably contributed, at least in part, to Carol and Maggie getting caught by surprise. If not, then at the very least, it delayed their response. With that being said, the kidnappers were pretty quiet and it was dark. Before the women knew it, they had no choice but to surrender.

Carol and Maggie have been in threatening and frightening situations before on The Walking Dead. In the promo for The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13, Maggie looks more fearful than ever. Then there is Carol, who usually doesn’t display much emotion in scary situations. This time, Carol appears to be petrified. However, is she really or is this just an act? We have seen Carol play the “weak woman” card before. It worked in the past and will likely work again – if that is what she is doing.

In addition to the promo, AMC also released a sneak peek clip of The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13. In “The Same Boat,” Carol and Maggie stand with their captors as Rick’s group is being spied on. There are five of them and they don’t look too threatening in the daylight. However, appearances can be deceiving. While Carol and Maggie stand silently, the redheaded woman barks orders. She isn’t sure they can take on Rick’s group while an older man reminds her they have dealt with larger numbers before. The woman’s hesitation and doubt seem to indicate that they aren’t very experienced at taking hostages. Instead of ZA terrorists, the small group appears to just be a small group of desperate survivors. It makes one wonder if they are even part of Negan’s clan, but the lead woman identifies someone Rick’s group is taking down. They must be part of Negan’s clan, but what exactly are their roles and what is their goal?

So, what will happen to Carol and Maggie on The Walking Dead? According to The Spoiling Dead Fans, “The Same Boat” begins with the sneak peek clip. When Rick is told that Carol and Maggie have been taken hostage, negotiations begin. An agreement is made to turn over a man in exchange for Carol and Maggie. The small group is not pleased with a “2 for 1” deal, but Rick informs them that there is no other option. Does something happen during the negotiations to make it their only choice? Does the small group know they are outnumbered? Or does something else happen that makes the redheaded woman accept the deal? There is another theory – that Rick is being played and that Carol and Maggie won’t be returned.

There is another theory on the ending of The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13. Some fans wonder if Rick is being played. Perhaps a deal will be made, but the group might not have any intention of handing over Carol and Maggie. According to International Business Times, the sneak peek clip for The Walking Dead shows the women with black covers over their heads. The redhead tells them that there is not a way out of their situation. She adds that it will not be over until she says so. This implies that Rick might not get Carol and Maggie back on this episode of The Walking Dead.

Also, pay attention to the ground as the women are walking. On a cement floor, there is a painted sign, but only part of it is visible. “Kill floor” seems to be part of it and underneath it says “raw.” The last word might be processing or processed? Based on the sign, Carol and Maggie might be taken to a slaughter house, the kind that meat factories use. Will they be slaughtered in The Walking Dead or is it just a place to hold them or to instill fear? the bigger and more important question is, can Carol and Maggie be saved before it’s too late?

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 13, titled “The Same Boat” airs March 13 on AMC.

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]