‘Law & Order: SVU’ Spoilers: Could Chris Meloni Be Returning As Stabler?

Fans of Law & Order: SVU have been upset ever since Chris Meloni left the show as Stabler. This character was one of the best things about this show, and without him, it just hasn’t been the same. Now, the rumors have been flying that he could return again, and fans are excited at the idea. Us Magazine is now sharing that Chris Meloni is speaking out about these rumors and revealing if he will really be back on the show again.

Fans were really excited at the chance that Chris Meloni could return and he has heard the rumors as well. The problem is that there is no truth to these rumors at all, according to Meloni. He revealed what is going on.

“No, I heard that rumor along with everybody else. I have no idea where that came from or what that’s about.”

So, where did the rumor that Chris Meloni would return come from? The reports started when showrunner Warren Leight told the Hollywood Reporter last month that he had considered bringing back Chris Meloni, and also some other big names, if Season 17 ends up being their last. Here is what Warren Leight had to say about it the possibility of Meloni returning.

“If we weren’t coming back, there were a couple of things I was absolutely going to do. We had been talking [about], had this been the last episode, we would have tried to bring [Meloni] back.”

When Chris Meloni left the show, the fans of Law & Order: SVU were not very happy. Stabler and Benson are the perfect partners, and they didn’t even get the great send off that they wanted for him. Instead, Chris Meloni just left, and fans were sad to see him go.

Chris Meloni actually shared that he hasn’t even been keeping track of what is going on with Law & Order: SVU since he left the show, and so he doesn’t really know if the show should be coming to an end this season or not. It sounds like once he left, Chris moved on and hasn’t been even watching what is going on. He went on to share his thoughts on the show and if it should keep going past Season 17.

“Look, it’s a business. It’ll stay on as long as people are watching it, you know? And it doesn’t matter if the people are having fun except for the people who are watching it.”

Chris Meloni is staying busy now and moving on to a new show, though. The Hollywood Reporter shared the news that Meloni is going to be on the new show, Underground, which will air on WGN. This show has already been picked up for 10 episodes. This show is all about the underground railroad and the people who help them to try to make it through. Meloni has received a lot of offers lately for shows, but this is the one he picked. It is obvious that he wouldn’t have time to return to Law & Order: SVU full-time, but he could do an episode or two if time allows. His character, August, is described as “a secretive mercenary who walks a tightrope between survival and morality.”

Are you sad to hear that Chris Meloni won’t be returning to Law & Order: SVU? Do you think that Chris could change his mind in the future? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Law & Order: SVU on Wednesday nights on NBC.

[Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for WGN America]