Get Michigan, Mississippi Primary Election Results Streaming Live: Sanders Fights Back, Trump Faces GOP Rebellion

Live results from the important Michigan and Mississippi Democratic and Republican 2016 primary elections will begin streaming shortly after 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, March 8, following a tumultuous week that saw Bernie Sanders stage what could turn into a dramatic comeback on the Democratic side. At the same time, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is fighting to fend off a renewed challenge from ultra-conservative Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

The Republicans will also hold a primary election in Idaho on Tuesday and a caucus in Hawaii.

Trump was also forced to push back on Tuesday against charges that the “pledge” that he asks of attendees at his controversial campaign rallies, asking them to raise their hands in a form of salute and vow to vote for him, is disturbingly similar to the “Heil Hitler” salute seen in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and early 1940s.

Watch Trump’s phoned-in appearance on NBC’s Today show on Tuesday morning, in which he declares comparisons of his political rallies with “fascism” and Nazi Germany to be “ridiculous,” in the video below.

But perhaps a somewhat more serious concern for Trump is the sudden threat posed by Cruz, who scored big wins on Super Saturday (March 5) in Kansas and, surprisingly, Maine. The second win came as a shock after Trump swept the three other New England states that have already voted, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Donald Trump Michigan, Mississippi Primary Election Results Streaming Live
Donald Trump faces a sudden challenge to his frontrunner status (Photo by Brynn Anderson/Associated Press)

The victories netted Cruz 69 new delegates, giving him a total of 300, just 84 behind Donald Trump. But how can Cruz expect to perform in the Mississippi and Michigan primaries on Tuesday, March 8, as well as in Republican caucuses held in Hawaii and Idaho?

There’s one sure way to find out, and that is to get the primary election and caucus results in a live stream from one of the video sources below, starting with ABC News GO, in this video. Or continue reading to the bottom of this article for more streaming links. Polls close at 8 p.m. Eastern Time in Michigan and Mississippi and 10 p.m. Eastern in Idaho — and 1 a.m. Eastern in Hawaii. Live results should come in on the streaming feeds shortly after closings.

NBC News provides live streaming election results and coverage in this video.

The conservative network Newsmax provides results with right-of-center commentary in the below video.

Finally, an alternative live stream for live results can be found below.

What do the polls say heading into Tuesday’s voting about the chances of Sanders making a further dent in the lead held by Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz closing in on Donald Trump?

According to across-the-board polling data, the prospects do not look great for either underdog candidate.

For the Democrats, Hillary Clinton holds a massive lead in Mississippi of more than 50 percentage points over Sanders, according to the polling average. In Michigan, the big prize of the night with 148 delegates available, Sanders has shown a slight upward trend in recent days but still trails Clinton by a daunting 21.3 points.

Mississippi has not seen much polling on the Republican side, but in a Magellan Strategies survey completed February 29, Trump led Cruz by 24 points. But whether the events of the past several days have helped Cruz make inroads will become clear only Tuesday evening.

In Michigan, per the FiveThirtyEight average, Trump holds a comfortable 15.5 point lead, but with only 36.8 percent of voters in his corner. More disturbingly for Trump, both Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich, in third place, have shown dramatic upswings over the past seven days, while Trump’s support has mostly leveled off in the state.

Donald Trump Michigan, Mississippi Primary Election Results Streaming Live
A Donald Trump supporter holds a book that may help to explain Trump's appeal (Photo By Brynn Anderson/Associated Press)

Idaho has also seen scant polling data, but one poll conducted by Idaho Politics Weekly and released on Monday showed Trump leading Cruz by 11 points — but with only 30 percent support. Florida Senator Marco Rubio was a close third, three points behind Cruz.

“Donald is benefited by multiple opponents in this race,” Cruz said on Saturday. “Because if the rest of the votes are divided, it allows him to win with the plurality of 35 to 37 percent.”

Cruz has called for Rubio and Kasich to drop out of the race, allowing him, Ted Cruz, to stage a one-on-one race with Donald Trump. But that appears unlikely to happen, at least not before the March 15 primaries when the home states of both Kasich and Rubio, Ohio and Florida, go to the polls.


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To get live, constantly updated raw results from the Michigan and Mississippi 2016 primary elections and from the Republican caucuses in Idaho and Hawaii — without commentary or video — go to the Washington Post at this link, or Politico at this link.

For live online streaming primary and caucus coverage and results — with no cable login credentials required — check out CBS News at this link, or ABC News Go by clicking on this link.

Live streaming feeds with commentary and immediate results from the three major cable news networks are also available online, although they mostly require login credentials. Find the CNN feed at this link, MSNBC here at this link, and Fox News by clicking here. Or try this alternative link for live primary and caucus results. Viewers who want their Michigan and Mississippi primary election results in a live stream without the bells and whistles — or commercials — of network TV can access C-SPAN live coverage at this link, starting at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, 5 p.m. Pacific.

[Photo by Charlie Neibergall/AP]