‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Rick Learns Ridge’s Secret, Caroline’s Labor Progresses, And Katie’s Set To Celebrate

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease a big episode on the way for Tuesday. Caroline is in labor and her husband is right by her side, but Thomas isn’t far away, and he is anxious to be a dedicated big brother. Rick is more irritated than ever by Ridge, and he will learn an interesting and potentially damaging tidbit during this March 8 show.

As viewers saw on Monday’s show, Caroline is in labor, and she is working with midwives to deliver at home. Bold and the Beautiful spoiler previews show that her labor will continue during this next episode, and Ridge will remain right by her side. According to We Love Soaps, family will start to gather, seemingly at the Forrester mansion, to wait for news of the baby’s arrival.

While this is a joyous occasion to be sure, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Katie may take things a bit too far. Previews show her whipping out a bottle of champagne to help celebrate, and from the sounds of things, she may already be a bit tipsy heading into this gathering. Given Brooke and Bill’s concern over Katie’s drinking of late, this move may spark some tense moments.

While Caroline and Ridge await the birth of this baby boy, Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that Rick and Brooke will be having a conversation about the situation. Brooke will end up mentioning how Ridge supposedly was not able to father any more children, and it seems that this bit of news will not be missed by Rick.

Brooke knew that Ridge had gotten a vasectomy some time ago, and then he was told that there were additional health issues that preventing him from fathering another baby. However, he was able to brush this all off with Brooke after Caroline became pregnant, and she did not seem to think much more of it. However, Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Rick will not be so quick to dismiss this tidbit as a sign that something is amiss.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers are swirling that Rick will soon piece together that Ridge is not the new baby’s biological father. Rick has been making some remarks about how involved Thomas seems to be, but will he manage to make the connection that Thomas happens to be the baby’s biological father instead? Thomas is not even aware of this yet, but teasers indicate that tensions between Thomas and his father will escalate this week in the wake of the baby’s birth.

Soap Central shares a juicy Bold and Beautiful spoiler detailing that a big secret will be revealed this week. However, it is not known for certain whether this is regarding the baby’s paternity or one of the other secrets swirling amongst these folks. Quinn is desperate to keep Liam hidden away at the cabin, but he is said to be asking more questions this week, and this situation is sure to explode soon.

Is Thomas about to find out that he is likely the biological father of Caroline’s child? Will Rick piece things together and use it against Ridge to gain an upper hand as the buzz suggests? This secret has been kept hidden for months now, and Bold and the Beautiful fans are anxious to see just what happens when the truth is finally revealed. This new arrival is about to happen, and it will be quite the joyous event, but it sounds as if things won’t necessarily stay celebratory for very long.

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