‘People V. OJ Simpson’ Bowed To Political Correctness, Says Mark Fuhrman

Many of those who lived through the investigation and trial of OJ Simpson have called foul on The People v OJ Simpson for bending the facts to glamorize the people and behaviors involved in a trial that was more theater than criminal justice. One of the people questioning many of the details is controversial himself, former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman, who still believes that the situation surrounding the drama of OJ Simpson ruined his career.

According to the Inquisitr, it’s no wonder people are so suspicious of a cover-up behind the knife found on OJ Simpson’s Brentwood property back in 1998. The knife, which had been in the possession of a retired LAPD traffic cop for almost 18 years, is now undergoing testing for DNA and blood at an independent lab to see if it can be tied to Simpson. This is just one more embarrassing turn for the LAPD, and considering that regardless of findings of the lab tests, Simpson cannot be retried based on double jeopardy, it’s all a little too late.

Vanity Fair is reporting that former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman believes the creators of The People v. OJ Simpson have bent towards political correctness by making even the most opportunistic people look like they were doing sketchy things for the greater good. Mark Fuhrman is alleging that FX Studios is doing everything they can to “reshape the Simpson narrative.”

Oddly, Fuhrman admits upfront that he has not watched the FX miniseries but still feels comfortable judging it. In his defense, many others who lived through that time agree that the cult of personality seems to have gotten the best of The People v OJ Simpson creators (it’s hard to imagine that Robert Kardashian was really that dopey and aw shucks, as played by David Schwimmer). Regardless, people should remember that even though it is based on an actual event, The People v OJ Simpson is still fiction.

No matter how despicable the behavior of Mark Fuhrman was before, during, and after the OJ Simpson investigation and trial, adding a scene in the miniseries where Mark Fuhrman admires his extensive collection of Nazi medals is a low blow if it isn’t based in fact. Granted, it was proven in court that he was comfortable around racist verbiage, but that doesn’t necessarily make the leap to Nazi enthusiast. But creators allege that it is “based on a true story” and not a true story. But Mark Fuhrman admits that for all of his flaws, the way he was painted still leaves him raw.

“I am angry and bitter because the truth is a massaged reality,” he fumed.

Fuhrman says that the narrative is skewed and the story became about him intentionally, rather than about someone who killed two innocent people with a knife.

“Let’s play grown­up for a while. This is not about me. There will be another O.J., and what we have learned is that political correctness and stupidity trump justice.”

E! Online says that Mark Fuhrman is one of many detractors of the dramatization of an already dramatic crime and trial. But Fuhrman thinks that The People v OJ Simpson is just one more ode to the narcissism that is OJ Simpson.

“[B]ut the almost pathological desire to elevate a narcissistic, violent man to victim status just because he was a black athlete,” he continued.

Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman, who many still believe was killed, along with Nicole Brown Simpson, by OJ Simpson, is also critical of The People v OJ Simpson and believes her brother got lost is the shuffle. Sadly, he was only at the home of Nicole Brown Simpson that night to return glasses she left at a restaurant, and it is assumed that she was the actual target.

“What I think is unfortunately going to get lost in this is that my brother was doing a good deed,” Kim Goldman told Today.

Goldman wants people to remember that her brother was a hero and a kind soul. The Goldman family has still not collected anything from their successful civil suit against OJ Simpson.

What do you think about the artistic license that was taken in The People v OJ Simpson?

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